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2018 Top Blog Posts From Geez, Gwen!

2018 Top Blog Posts From Geez, Gwen!

Find Out Which Posts From Geez, Gwen Were Most Read This Year!

2019? Say what? It’s hard to believe a new year is here. 2018 was truly an awesome year and I am so grateful for all the new and wonderful people I have had the chance to meet through Geez, Gwen! This year has been my best blog year ever, and that by a long shot. I have enjoyed every aspect of blogging this year. Most of all, the new relationships I have made with you, my beloved readers. Thank you for making this year such a success for us. Thank you for caring about our journey. and for taking the time to comment and email and share your lives back with me. It means the world. I feel so very blessed.

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It’s always interesting to look back and see which posts have been read the most. Every year, after the New Year has been properly rung in, I take some time to look at the numbers and see what meant the most to you. Sometimes I find what I expect but there are always surprises too!

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My Top Post – The Best Quotes To Inspire Students

Best Quotes To Inspire Students

So this one is no surprise! This is not only my 2018 most popular post but my popular post EVER! I have followed up with others like it but this remains your all-time favorite quote list! Every week in our homeschool I put up our inspiration board and on it, I include a Verse of the Week, A Quote of the Week, and One Fun National Holiday. This is a great way to memorize scripture and quotes and it starts us off every morning on the right foot. One day I decided to type up my weekly quote list so I could tuck it in my planner and be ready to have one quote a week for the entire school year. And then, I shared it with you! And Y’all loved that! I have since followed up with others like these:

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Top Fifteen Best Christmas Quotes and Sayings

Top Christmas Quotes

I’m going to admit that I was shocked to see this one on there. I mean, after all, this lovely little post only gets just a short section of the year for feeling the love. But loved it was!  This baby went off the charts sending Christmas cheer, sweet tidings, and reflections on all the things we love best about Christmas straight across the globe! A bit of a Christmas miracle, you might say! I have a lot of Quotes Posts. I’m a total Quote Nerd! And apparently so are a lot of you! Here are some more of my most popular seasonal quotes posts.

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5 Scriptures That I Stand On

Five Scriptures That I Stand On

This post was written back in 2014 and it continues to reach out to other Mom’s hearts. These five are my five. I have a lot more but it is these five verses that I stand on and claim daily as a Mom. This post is raw and honest and of every post, I have to offer I wish this one could reach the farthest because there is such comfort here. It is written…

Other posts I’ve written to encourage Moms:

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Inspiring Bible Verses For Teens

Inspiring Bible Verses for Teens

So, I mentioned that whiteboard in our homeschool room. Above our Quote of the Week, we have our Verse of the Week. I started doing this five years ago and over the years T has memorized countless verses as a result. It’s so simple. Present the scripture on the board. Discuss what it is saying in modern day language. Each day read it again and discuss how this applies to our own personal reality. And they stick… Scripture is the most powerful of all of our tools in life. I really and truly believe that. Knowing it matters, it empowers, it leads, it guides, directs, and saves. This list includes the exact scriptures we used one year in our own homeschool room. I am so happy this post is making its way around. This is why I blog, guys! Right here 🙂

Other Posts Written With Our Teens in Mind:

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I am Grateful For Free Worksheet

Gratitude Worksheet Printable

This worksheet is one T and I do every year and I love looking back at previous years to see how he has changed. So sweet! This was my most popular worksheet this year! Here are my other three top downloadable worksheets or workbooks.

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Facing Doubt As A Homeschool Mom

 Fading Doubt as a homeschool Mom

I remember the morning I wrote this. Early one morning I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across several posts from Homeschool Moms who were questioning their choice. It was the first day of school for most public school kids that week and seeing all those posts of their smiling faces as they headed off into the great big world had Mom’s thinking… Here is my response.

Other Popular Posts for my kindred Homeschool Moms:

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Quotes and Scriptures On Being Bold

Quotes and Scripture about Being Bold

This list was born out of my 2018 Word of the Year! The word bold turned out to be ridiculously empowering and I went further in every area of my life than ever before. Seeing the world through this one word, and allowing it to guide me, was truly transformative! Learn more about how and why I chose this word, how to choose your own word of the year, and about my handy dandy little workbook that can guide you through the process by simply clicking the links below. Enjoy!

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Top Ten Reasons To Homeschool

Reasons To Homeschool

One day I challenged myself to narrow it down to just the Top Ten Reasons why we choose homeschooling? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to lie, homeschooling is really hard. But it is also SO awesome, and worth every difficult moment, and so much fun, and the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced. There is a lot that goes into the decision to homeschool. You aren’t making a small change regarding your child’s education, you are making a massive lifestyle change. It requires you to call on the rebel within. You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot. You have to be committed. So, why do I do it? Why wouldn’t I trade this homeschooling life for the world? What is this thing all about? Find out in this post – Top Ten Reasons I Homeschool

Apologia Chemistry

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Fun Facts And Best Quotes By The American Presidents

Fun Facts About American Presidents

This post was so much fun! T and I love fun facts so I gathered one fun fact on each of the US Presidents and also included a single famous quote uttered by each Commander In Chief. The result is a ridiculously fun and inspiring post which most certainly includes facts you never knew before!

  1. Which president kept a pet alligator in the East Room at the White House for several months.
  2. What was Tecumseh’s Curse? All seven presidents who were elected in a year that ended in a zero were either assassinated or died in office until 1980 when Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt and actually finished out his term.
  3. Which president placed a ban on dancing in the White House?
  4. After this president was shot in an assassination attempt, Alexander Graham Bell invented a metal detector to try to locate the elusive bullet so it could be removed. But his machine malfunctioned. Garfield died 80 days later from blood poisoning. It was later discovered that he had been laying on a metal bed frame and that was probably what caused the metal detector to malfunction.
  5. This President had a parrot named “Washington Post” who could whistle to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

Find out the answers to these and 45 more fun facts right here!

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Top Ten Father’s Day Quotes Plus Printables

Best Quotes About Dad

This post is a great reminder of why we love our Dad’s so much! A collection of the best quotes about Dad as well as a printable letter to Dad to have your littles fill out and give as a Father’s Day Gift!

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So there we have them, guys! My Top Ten Posts from 2018! What I am understanding here is that you all love a great quote just as much as I do! So you can look forward to a whole lot more of those in 2019. I am working on several collections now that I can’t wait to share with you!  I also see that when I write from my heart and include the most powerful verses for me personally and the ones I select to share with my own son, you enjoy those too! Finally, it seems that you like it best when I talk more about how I’m pulling off this mad, crazy, fun homeschooling life, than what I use and how I schedule and stuff. So I will be inviting you into our lives and behind our doors, as I continue our Homeschool In Pictures Series and just randomly share our adventures.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you who takes some time to hang out with me here on, Geez, Gwen! So thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you!

If there is something you would like to see up here on the blog, please tell me what’s on your mind! I really do want to know. You can always email me at or ask away in the comments section!

I am wishing you a beautiful and successful 2019! May your blessings and favor overflow and your days each contain treasures you recognize and hold dear!

Be blessed,


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