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24th Annual Siege at Fort Watauga

24th Annual Siege at Fort Watauga

Sycamore Shoals History Re-enactments Take You Back In Time

If you are interested in Time Travel, Sycamore Shoals is offering exactly that this weekend! T and I went to see the re-enactment of the Cherokee attack on our favorite local fort. This annual event is on today and tomorrow so you still have a chance to view history come alive.

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Opportunities to view historical reenactments are a great way to bring history to life. As a homeschool family, we study up before we attend by learning more about the era, the particular historical event, and the locations.

The location I am sharing today has an onsite museum that we frequently tour and we have visited the fort on countless occasions. We have visited some of the sister sites in our area too such as Rocky Mount and Tipton-Haynes. We encourage you to really dig in before attending one of these events! There is so much to learn.

Let us take you through our day witnessing this particular reenactment.

Seige at Fort Watauga

T and I worried the day may be rained out but just fifteen minutes before the Seige at Fort Watauga began, the rain stopped and the dark clouds were swept away.

Boys Hiding during the Seige at Fort Watauga

From the Sycamore Shoals Site:

It is the summer of 1776 and the Watauga settlement is at war. Join us as 200 colonial and Native reenactors present this dramatic retelling of the Cherokee attack brought on the settlers of the Watauga Valley. Visit the living history camps, shop with period vendors, and witness battle re-enactments both days. Hear the rattle of muskets, smell the campfire smoke and see history come to life at the Siege of Fort Watauga.

Seige at Fort Watauga

T and I thought everything was well done and the attention to detail was remarkable.

Sycamore Shoals State Historic Site

The sounds of gunfire were enough to startle us again and again and the smell of musket fire filled the air.

Overmountain Men

It got intense when the fallen had to be lead from the battle. Some fell and stayed motionless throughout the battle. Your heart sank.

Sycamore Shoals History Re-enactment

T and I were on edge as the battle raged on. The war cries of the Cherokee filled the air as musket fire exploded again and again. The women and children, still safe behind the walls of the Fort, could be heard screaming in fear.

The Band at Fort Watauga

T’s favorite part was the music! He loves the drums. I love the flutes. These guys did a great job creating atmosphere.

Actors at Fort Watuaga

When at last the battle had ended, the crowd cheered! The actors had pulled off an amazing feat, time travel accomplished.

We have read so much about this battle but today it really came to life. It was scary and sad and contained moments of great bravery. It was just as we had imagined. Events like these provide excellent opportunities to learn about our history and we are grateful to everyone who took part!

To learn more about Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park and their events calendar click here.

Sycamore Shoals Website
Sycamore Shoals Website

Living History In Tennessee

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Have you witnesses an impressive historical reenactment? Please share in the comments below, we love to hear from you!

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