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About Me

Welcome to Geez, Gwen!

Thank you for visiting Geez, Gwen! The purpose of this site is to inspire! We aim to encourage families to live their very best lives appreciating one another daily. We are full of ideas about how and where to spend more one on one time enjoying your family members and valuing your relationships.

From dinner to date night, we discuss all aspects of family life. We encourage side by side education and creation (we are super artsy) and we believe in expressing our love for those who mean the very most to us in as many ways as possible. We genuinely believe that is what life is really all about! Loving one another.

What Will You Find On Geez, Gwen!

Family Life – Everything from date nights to craft ideas for the kids, we share it all!

Homeschool Life– Everything From Lesson Plans and Curriculum To Field Trips

We also are a homeschooling family and we share that journey including fun projects, science experiments, and the field trips we enjoy the most.

We Are Foodies

We are also Foodies. We love to cook and we share our favorite recipes and review our favorite places to grab a bite.

Inspirational Quotes in Lists and Wall Art

I’m a quote junkie! I love a good inspiring quote and I share lists of my favorites. Lots of lists!

Travel and Adventure

We love to travel. And we love to hike. We have cruised through the Caribbean, visited Hilton Head, Jamestown, Williamsburg, Gatlinburg, Outer Banks, Charleston, Morganton, Biltmore, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Roan Mountain, and much more and that’s just within the last year or so. 

We are happy to share our adventures both near and far so if you are looking for great ideas for family vacations or fun field trips, we have you covered.

All Things Creative

I adore photography so Geez, Gwen is a place full of captured moments. I love the gift of photography because I see it as a way to capture the most beautiful moments in life.

I also love to write and I encourage everyone to let their heart spill out onto a page as often as possible. Check out some of our most popular writing prompts.

About Us:

I am Gwen and I am a Christian homeschool Mom, blogger, and amateur photographer. I love to learn, teach, travel, cook, write, paint, and have fun while I’m doing all of that.

We are nature lovers. We hike a lot.

We believe in serving our community and we are involved in many hands-on experiences.

My husband, Mr. Wonderful is the most amazing man ever. He is a Techie and works as a Senior Web Developer.

T is our teenage son and he is brilliant. Honestly, we are kind of in awe of how intelligent he is. It’s very cool. He also has ADHD but that doesn’t hold him back. We recognize ADHD as the gift of a talented multi-tasking brain that likes to run not walk through most of the day. Not a hindrance that has the power to hold him back and we have found lots of tools (music, exercise, deep breathing) to keep it from stealing his concentration.

T has his superhero brain and I have a lot of coffee. I love coffee. I need coffee. With espresso. Double shots preferably.

We Were Abeka’s First Homeschool Family Spotlight!

Check out our interview with Abeka where we discuss our homeschool journey in depth!

Listen in on our chat about Homeschooling An Only Child on the popular Podcast – Homeschool with Moxie.

Let’s Be Friends

I am so glad you found your way here. Whether you are another homeschool Momma, a Shutterbug, a Foodie, a Travel Lover, a Coffee Lover, or Just Another Soul Like Me, I’m happy to meet you! Let’s connect!

Let’s Be Partners

If you represent a brand that you believe my readers would adore, I am open to collaboration. Email me the details ( and we can talk. Or check out my Contact Me Page for more information.

Be blessed,


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