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Best Blog Posts of 2019 from Geez, Gwen!

Best Blog Posts of 2019 from Geez, Gwen!

My Top Ten Fan Favorite Blog Posts

I started Geez, Gwen many years ago and I have written about so many wonderful things. I write about travel, homeschool, photography, great recipes, and the best quotes to inspire. At the end of every year, I tally up the numbers so I can see what you loved best. This year, my best blog posts were quote lists! These blog posts are also some of my favorites to collect and create. I actually just recently published two more quotes blog posts –  Great Quotes and Sayings for Writers and Top Ten Snowglobe Quotes. You can count on plenty more in 2020!

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.*

Five Fall Quotes and Sayings


Five Fall Quotes You Will Love

These five fall quotes are my favorite quotes about Autumn. I love everything about Fall. Don’t you wish it was our longest season? I never feel as though I have had enough Autumn. Maybe it is because it’s so brief that it charms me so completely. But there are other reasons I’ve fallen in love with Fall…

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Top Ten Father's Day Quotes

Top Ten Father’s Day Quotes

Father’s Day is almost here. It’s got me thinking about how much Dad’s do and how much they mean to us. To honor Dad’s everywhere I have put together this list of the Top Ten Father’s Day Quotes and made some printables you can share with your Dad this Father’s Day!

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Homeschool Deals Homeschool Discounts

Deals and Discounts for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling is a lot of wonderful things! It’s a blessing, a gift, a full-time job, a sacrifice, a journey, and adventure and on and on and on. It can also be a financial challenge. Most, though not all, homeschooling families are operating off a single income. The costs of the curriculum can be high. In an effort to ease the load, I have put together a list of Homeschool Discounts to help homeschooling families stretch every dollar. Check out this list of Homeschooling Deals and Discounts.

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Anakeesta Theme Park Review

Anakeesta Mountain Park in Gatlinburg

Did you know there is a new theme park in Gatlinburg? Anakeesta boasts beautiful mountain views, a long walk through the treetop canopies along rope bridges that have just the right amount of bounce, treehouses, and a Firefly Village full of fun shops and good food!. You can also visit the gardens and find countless butterflies enjoying all the vibrant blooms. It’s a beautiful park. Let me take you through the adventure with me and I’ll tell you whether I think it is worth the cost and what I loved and I what I didn’t.

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Highlands North Carolina

Why Highlands North Carolina Makes The Perfect Vacation Getaway

Imagine a town so lovely it seems to belong more in a picture book than right here in reality. Add friendly shopkeepers with unique items and fun displays. Imagine a town where the chefs deliver tastes you never before thought possible in bite after bite of exquisite cuisine. Imagine a town surrounded by waterfalls, some just off the side of the road and others buried deep within lush green forests. You are imagining Highlands North Carolina. Let me show you what I found there.

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Inspiring Bible Verses for Teens

Inspiring Bible Verses For Teens

In our homeschool, we have our weekly board.  Our board keeps us on track with upcoming events and also includes our Verse of the Week, Our Quote of the Week, and a Fun Facts section. We start every day off with our board and it is one of T’s favorite things about homeschool. An inspiring Bible verse gets us started off on the right foot. I have written this post to share with you some of our favorite, most inspiring, bible verses. Scriptures that lift up, lead, guide and direct my teenage son but also myself. I am sharing a  printable copy of these Bible verses so you can include them in your lesson plan and so in your daily life.


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Powerful Scripture for a Moms Heart

Five Everyday Scriptures You Need To Hold Close

I know, just five…

These are my everyday go-to scriptures. Without question, my heart contains hundreds more which I draw from often, but these are the five I find myself claiming every single day.

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Best Christmas Quotes

Top Fifteen Best Christmas Quotes and Sayings

I love good quotes! A great quote can inspire, challenge, lift or warm you. When we write out Christmas cards, send letters to the troops, or fill out gift tags, I love to include a great Christmas quote. Here are my all-time favorites!

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How To Have An Epic Bonfire Party

How To Have an Epic Bonfire Party

It is almost summer and one of my favorite parts of summer is the long, lazy nights. I personally love to spend them gathered with family and friends around a fire pit, marshmallow sticks in hand and music playing. There is something about this setting that inevitably leads to storytelling and memory-making. It’s peaceful sitting there under star-filled skies, a blanket around your shoulders and a hay bale beneath you.

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Best Quotes To Inspire Students

We always include a quote a week as part of our homeschool. I think it’s important to provide a quote to focus on and supporting material to encourage it gets absorbed. In this post, I am including 39 of our favorite inspiring quotes for students for you to include in your lesson plan too. This is one for each week of the school year. At the bottom find a free printable that you can tuck into your Lesson Planner and easily access each week.

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Top Five Products From My Shop

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Everyday Beauty Printable

Everyday Beauty Printable Quote

Beautiful wall art with the perfect reminder for all of us! Choose to see the beauty that surrounds you!

It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things.

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Proverbs 2:26 Scripture Print

Proverbs 22:6 Printable Scripture

This is the scripture that we based our homeschool on and I am still clinging tightly to this promise! Print and frame as an 8 x 10 for a daily reminder of how important this calling is!

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Christmas Pictionary Game

Christmas Pictionary Printable Game

This Christmas game is a blast! We use a whiteboard because as homeschoolers, we have an abundance. You could also use a large pad of art paper. Simply print off the list below. Cut each one out. Put in a hat or a Christmas Stocking. Everyone has 60 seconds to draw and receive guesses. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. Remember, if the picture card says two words, those two words must be spoken exactly for the point. The one with the most points wins a prize.

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Gratitude Printable

Gratitude Worksheet Printable

This fun printable includes nine great thought-provoking questions to help students recognize the many blessings they experience in everyday life. We use this every year in our Homeschool and it’s fun to go back and see how many new blessings arrive each year. You can make this a tradition in your home too. Find out who, where, and what they are most grateful for and let that lead you throughout the coming year to take advantage of opportunities for them to appreciate these blessings. We often follow this lesson up with writing Thank You notes, making a phone call to let someone know they made the big list or visiting someone with flowers. We have also visited places and photographed them to tuck in with our sheet and have even prepared foods that have made the gratitude list. There is a lot you can do with this simple gratitude worksheet! Enjoy!

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National Day Of Prayer Printable Workbook

National Day of Prayer Printable Student Workbook

Free Printable Worksheets to Prepare for National Day of Prayer.

  • Includes Section on the major groups that make up the United States Government for closer inspection and focus.
  • Includes Seven Important Questions
    • Where do I feel like our country could most use significant change?
    • What specific issues that America faces do I see as our greatest obstacles?
    • What groups of people in America do I feel have a need for a lot of extra prayers and why?
    • Where outside of American do I hope to see America make a positive impact?
    • How do you think God may guide or direct you to help with these matters?
    • How can we best pray for our leaders?
    • What are some of the greatest blessings Americans have? How can I thank God for those?

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Did your favorite post or product make the list? If not, let us know what you loved best here at Geez, Gwen in the comments section below. I read every comment and I appreciate your feedback so much!

I can’t wait to dig into 2020! Stay tuned…

Be blessed, my friend,



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Top Ten Blog Posts from Geez, Gwen in 2019

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