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Best Homeschool Resources

Best Homeschool Resources

My Top Five Go-To Homeschool Resources

Finding great homeschool resources isn’t easy. I am in my third year of homeschooling my son. It has been a journey and as I have learned I have discovered some amazing homeschool resources that I wish I had known about at the very start. I want to share them with all of those who have chosen to homeschool for your family.



Number One Resource: Khan Academy:

Specifically, their Math program has been beneficial to us. We literally went through, no exaggeration, eight homeschool math curriculums, before discovering Khan Academy. This is a free resource but it is actually a priceless resource. T excels in every subject except Math. The struggle is real. The reason Khan Academy has been such a success for us is that it learns the student. It knows what they are struggling with and continues to present the same area until it has been mastered. Those areas that come easily can be mastered and the student can move right on. It offers wonderful video tutorials and has a hint section. It also awards points, and my little gamer is quite inspired by the points system! It offers lessons in many subjects including Coding, Science and many more subjects. Check it out!

Number Two: PBS Learning Media

My son has ADHD so I have to be creative when laying out my lesson plans. He needs more than a book and paper. He loses interest if there is not some hands-on activity or a supporting video. PBS Learning Media has been my lifeline more than once. For example, we have been working on Marine Biology. T loves all things ocean so this was something I was excited about. Marine Biology had a total of 7,259 results. The game of Marine Bingo which you play by watching videos of marine life was a huge hit. We were also able to explore aquariums and so much more. If you are looking for complete lesson plans or just something to supplement your text and bring it to life, PBS Learning Media is a great place to start.

Number Three: History Channel Classroom

History Classroom is another fantastic source for supplemental information as well as full lesson plans. Recently T took a great interest in the redesign of American currency after hearing about the changes getting ready to happen. I found this great lesson, The New Ten – Redesigning Our Nation’s Currency on the site and he thoroughly enjoyed it. In the activities section of the lesson plan, it had a link to vote for your choice for which women you thought should be on the dollar bill. T was happy to have his vote count. Learning about each of these remarkable women was also inspiring. This is just one example. I recommend stopping in to see what they may have to offer your curious student.

Note: We also subscribe to This Day In History and three days a week we cover it before we start our lesson. It’s great!

Number Four: Daily Teach

I love Daily Teach and reference it throughout the week. It truly has a little bit of everything. With categories such as This Day In History, Today’s Birthday, Daily Warm-Ups, and Tips of the Week, you are bound to be inspired.

Number Five: Days of the Year

I can not tell you how much fun we have added to our homeschool by discovering Days of the Year! This site contains a collection of all the National Days of the Year!  We have celebrated National Pancake Day, National Take Your Dog for a Walk Day, National Donut Day and so much more. I try to include two a month to keep things fun and always have a blast coming up with a plan to celebrate them!


So there you have them. I also use several other wonderful resources which can be found on my Homeschool Resources Page.

Homeschool Resources

I would love to hear about your favorite too!  You are invited to comment your suggestions below. We are always looking for something new and wonderful to add to our day!


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