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Best S’mores Ideas – Recipes for a Great S’mores Bar

Best Smores Ideas

Creative Smores Ideas For Your Next Bonfire Party or Camping Trip

The first must-have for any great bonfire is a S’Mores Bar!  You can also have a Chili Bar or a Popcorn Bar too but you must have a S’Mores Bar and keep it interesting with some fun smores ideas like the combinations below. We have tried a lot of smores ideas to come up with this list of the very best. Drum roll, please…  Here are some tried and true smores ideas we like to make.

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S’Mores Ideas – Best S’Mores Recipes

  • The Classic: Graham Cracker – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Jiminy Cricket – Keebler Grasshopper cookies – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Elvis Presley – Graham Cracker – Peanut Butter – Banana – Marshmallow
  • The S’Moreo – Oreos – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Cookie Monster – Chocolate Chip Cookies – Hershey’s chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Black Forest – Cherry – Chocolate Graham Crackers – The Lindt Cherry Intense Chocolate – Marshmallows
  • The Banana Split – Shortbread Cookies – Banana Slices – Lindt Cherry Intense Chocolate – Strawberry Marshmallow
  • The Ginger – Gingerbread cookies – Hershey Chocolate – Marshmallow
  • The Banana Cream – Nilla Wafers – Banana Slices – Marshmallow
  • The Milano – Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies – Marshmallow
  • The Nutty Buddy – Chocolate Graham Cracker – Peanut Butter Cup – Marshmallow

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smores ideas for camping, printable menu of fun smores ideas

Make Indoor Smores

  • While everyone probably agrees that smores are best when made around a campfire, things can happen and plans can get changed, Fear not! You can make these in your oven.
  • Turn on your broiler and place your rack in the top position.
  • Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil or spray with non-stick spray.
  • Place your bottom cookie or cracker with the piece of whatever candy or chocolate you are using.
  • Place your top cookie or cracker with your marshmallow on top of it.
  • Your top and bottom stay side by side while roasting.
  • Now place the pan under the broiler and let them toast. Don’t walk away. These will go from golden to burnt in a blink. I don’t even close the oven door. I just stand back and watch them,
  • As soon as your marshmallows have reached your desired level of golden remove the pan.
  • Now you can carefully stack. They will be hot so wear a kitchen mitt.
  • Let them cool for just a minute and then enjoy them!.

Are you inspired to make some ooey-gooey wonderful smores now? Which one would you try first? Let us know in the comments section below which smores ideas you like best. I confess that I love The Black Forest one best. T is all about The Cookie Monster. Mr. Wonderful loves The Nutty Buddy. Have you created a smores recipe idea that you think we would love? Share it in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

Be well, my friends!


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Best Smores Ideas
Fun and unique smores recipes for bonfire gatherings and family fun!

2 thoughts on “Best S’mores Ideas – Recipes for a Great S’mores Bar

  1. S’mores are seriously my favorite thing ever. For me, a camp fire is not a camp fire if I don’t get my s’mores. I love the classic Hershey’s kisses + marshmallows. It’s like my go to s’more to be real. I’ve never had a s’more with banana slices though. Definitely gonna try it next time. And, thanks for the step by step for making indoor s’mores. I’ve had to skip all the fun so many times because of the weather or everything that can really get in the way. Also, I can make s’mores in the oven anytime which means I don’t really have to wait for a camping trip to enjoy all my favorite snacks! Love it. Thanks for the tips, tricks and all the awesome ideas for some more s’mores! See what I did there? Lol I’m such a geek.

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