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Category: Faith

Geez, Gwen on Faith

I am a woman with a lot of faith writing all about being a Christian woman in today’s modern world. I am after all a modern Christian and I cover biblical material and inspirational faith-based books that inspire me. At Geez, Gwen I also share scripture and biblical inspiration as well as my personal spiritual journey. Writing about how God personally affects my every day is a big part of my life. I share the bible verses that I stand on constantly as well as new revelations. I write about how my living a Christian life impacts my homeschool life. In our homeschool, we start every day with a bible study and a devotional. We make choices based on God’s word. We are His and blessed to be. God is at the center of our family. He is what makes us whole. He leads, guides, and directs our little family. We pray daily. We believe.