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Christmas at Biltmore House Plus A Trip To Their Winery

Christmas at Biltmore House Plus A Trip To Their Winery

Why A Trip To Biltmore Estates Should Be Part of Your Christmas Season

Welcome to Day Thirteen of my Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge! It snowed! We woke up this morning to big chunky snowflakes drifting softly down from the heavens. The trees were each wrapped in a glistening white blanket, looking their finest. Each surface of the world was glittering with ice crystals and looked absolutely magical. And every last blade of browned grass was buried beneath the softest, brightest cloud of white. Beautiful! It was a winter wonderland! In our house, an early snowfall means we can break our Thanksgiving night tradition and go ahead and put the tree up. Which got me thinking about Christmas at Biltmore House and their 55 Christmas trees!

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For Day Thirteen of My Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge, I am Celebrating Christmas at Biltmore House!

Christmas Tree at Biltmore House

Biltmore Estates in North Carolina

If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Biltmore Estates, I recommend you add it to your bucket list right now. The house itself is just so grand. No detail was spared. It was built by the Vanderbilt’s between 1889 and 1895 and is the largest privately-owned home in the United States. Imagine, 178,926 square feet of floor space and 250 glorious rooms! This mansion is something everyone should have a chance to experience.

The enormous 250-room Vanderbilt mansion conceals hidden doors and secret passageways. With 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, and nearly 180,000 square feet, the enormous Biltmore Estate has plenty of places to hide

Biltmore House is the largest privately owned home in the United States

Homeschool Days at Biltmore

We first visited for Homeschool Days and learned all about how the house is designed to be self-sustaining. T, the conservationist, was amazed when we visited the field of solar panels! And he loved to visit the farm animals in the village. He was a little weirded out by this naked neck chicken, but once we learned that he is supposed to look like this and wasn’t the victim of any bullying, we all felt better. We learned that when the Biltmore’s were in residence they required thirty dozen eggs a week to operate. Don’t be fooled,these chickens are workhorses!

Naked neck chicken at Biltmore House

We attended fascinating demonstrations in the village at the Blacksmith’s shop and even learned how to make a broom out of the grasses in the field. Have you ever seen such beautiful grasses? Seriously! Everything growing at Biltmore is exquisite.

Grasses at Biltmore House used to make brooms

But this post isn’t about Homeschool Days at Biltmore. You see, even on the darkest, dreariest day of the year, Biltmore will take your breath away. It is that lovely. But at Christmas…

Christmas at Biltmore House

55 Christmas Trees and I photographed most of them…

One of 55 Christmas Trees at Biltmore House

Every single tree is unique. And everyone is beautiful! This is my favorite one. I love how it was displayed with era-appropriate gifts underneath it.

Christmas Gifts at Biltmore House
Christmas Tree In the library at Biltmore House
Christmas Trees in the Library at Biltmore House

The entire house is amazing but my favorite space is the library. George Vanderbilt’s library contains over 22,000 volumes. His own journals are here as well as favorite copies of Charles Dickens and Sir Walter Scott.

The Music Room at Biltmore House

The Music Room at Biltmore House has the most amazing history! Have you heard of, The Monuments Room? This true story of what has been called the greatest treasure hunt in history—an effort by a diverse group of art and museum experts to preserve European art masterpieces from theft and possible destruction during WWII. Biltmore and George Vanderbilt are part of that story. These walls hid such treasure!

The Music Room At Biltmore House
From “The unfinished Music Room on the first floor of Biltmore House was refitted with steel doors and other protective measures were taken, as outlined by the National Gallery of Art. On January 8, 1942, 62 paintings (including one of Gilbert Stuart’s iconic portraits of George Washington) and 17 sculptures arrived in Asheville under heavy guard. Biltmore had opened to the public in 1930 as a means of promoting tourism in Asheville. Guests now walked by the Music Room, unaware that some of the world’s greatest artwork was secretly hidden on the other side of the wall. The priceless artwork remained under 24-hour armed guard in America’s largest home until the fall of 1944, well after the danger of bombings or invasion had ended. “

The Atrium at Biltmore

Piano at Biltmore House

Christmas Trees Everywhere At Biltmore House

Christmas Trees at Biltmore House
Christmas Tree in Bedroom at Biltmore House

The Kitchens at Biltmore House

Leave it to me that the kitchens and the library would be my favorite spaces at Biltmore House. But can you blame me?

Gingerbread House at Biltmore House
If pictures could only be scratch and sniff! You can get Biltmore’s Gingerbread recipe right here.

The Details at Biltmore House

From the grand ceilings to the tapestries, to the artwork, you can’t find a single section of Biltmore that isn’t amazing!

A Table at Biltmore House

The only places I didn’t find Christmas trees were in the swimming pool area, the bowling alley, and the fitness areas. Though all three had poinsettias.

Swimming Pool at Biltmore House
Bowling Alley at Biltmore Estates

And where there weren’t big Christmas trees, there were still Christmas trees.

Little Christmas Tree at Biltmore House
Crystal Christmas Tree at Biltmore House

Visit Biltmore House This Christmas and while you are there enjoy a wine tasting at the winery.

Biltmore Winery

There is so much to do while visiting Biltmore Estates and so much history to be experienced. You can also do some really great Christmas shopping. We came home with jams, dip mixes, wine, Christmas tree ornaments, and a cookbook straight from the kitchen of Biltmore Estates.

If you have never enjoyed this adventure, I really can’t recommend it enough. It makes for a beautiful Christmas memory that will stay with you for always!

To learn more about planning your trip to Biltmore – click here. And if you have experienced Biltmore, tell us all about it in the comments section below. We LOVE to hear from you.

Now, let’s all go and gaze adoringly at our Christmas trees and imagine living life in Biltmore for a bit. Ahhhh

Be blessed,


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Christmas at Biltmore House

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Christmas at Biltmore House

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