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Christmas Fun Homeschool Printable Packet

Christmas Fun Pack Homeschool Printable Packet

A Packet of Holiday Fun

Perhaps you have also noticed that the closer we get to Christmas, the harder it is to stay focused on lesson plans. I’ve noticed. I’ve actually noticed it for five years in a row now. The exact length of time I have been a homeschool Mom. Hence, the Christmas fun pack. I designed this Christmas Fun Packet with the idea that sometimes we just need to have a little freedom space and in order to do that, we have to keep the kids busy. And to really find ourselves a few minutes of time to get our stuff done, they need genuinely fun stuff to do. Non – lesson – planny fun stuff to do. And so, let me introduce you, sheet by sheet, to your five or ten or maybe even twenty minutes of Homeschool Mom Freedom... Hmm Hmm, I mean, Christmas fun for your kids!

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Worksheet One of the Christmas Fun Pack – The Roll A Story Christmas Writing Prompt Game

Let’s start with this super fun Roll a Story Writing Prompt Dice Game. Here is how it works. Your student will roll the dice three times. The first roll determines the main character. The second roll places them in a setting. The final roll delivers them a conflict to resolve in a well-written story. If you need another thirty minutes, have them include an illustration. Or two. With a front and back cover… A Biography of the author… lol

Will they be Mrs. Claus innocently attending the Town Christmas Tree Lighting when she discovers, gasp, she somehow made the Naughty List? Does this mean she won’t be getting her brand new Pioneer Woman Baking Set?!? Her Christmas dreams are on the line! What to do?

Or perhaps they will roll a different story. Maybe they will be an elf having a grand time at the local ice skating rink when he/she suddenly realizes he/she has no idea what he has done with his mother’s Christmas present. His precious, loving, hardworking, exceptionally beautiful and young looking MOM! Her Christmas present! What will elf do to save himself… I mean the day!

This is a fun way to get their creative juices rolling! Pun intended…

Worksheet Two of the Christmas Fun Pack – The Christmas Movie Match

This is your five minutes of freedom worksheet. I mean, this is a fun worksheet designed to see how well your kids know their Christmas Movies. A simple matching game that may lead to the desire to watch an actual movie after school. Maybe the whole movie, while Mom runs herself a hot bath and has a chance to read several chapters of her favorite Christmas Book... Just saying… This worksheet can you take you places. Hopefully to the bathtub while your children enjoy a great Christmas Movie in the Living Room. Way over there.. in the living room!

Worksheet Three of the Christmas Fun Pack – The Design Your Own Personal Hot Cocoa Worksheet

So listen, Moms. This one is deceptively simple. They design their own Hot Cocoa. They name it. They choose from wildly delicious flavors and toppings. They allow their imagination to invite even more crazy delicious toppings to their already irresistible Hot Cocoa. The worksheet doesn’t take long to complete. Though I would advise you require them to do some coloring here. You know, draw on the selected toppings. Maybe add a Candy Cane stirring stick. Whatever… takes time)

The point is, I am delivering leverage here. You see, once they have imagined that perfect hot cocoa, and fell in love with the idea of their specific selections, and even named their sweet baby Hot Cocoa, well, you have yourself an invested little student there. And I’m not saying bribery is an acceptable practice by any means.

But, if you happen to be a completely exhausted homeschool, Mom, with a To-Do List that is measured in feet rather than inches… Well, it’s possible this little worksheet and its promise of chocolatey bliss may provide you the leverage you need to find thirty minutes to an hour of alone time to get things done… And when the time comes to deliver the reward for your freedom, I mean for their cooperation, you get hot chocolate too because come on… YOU are the Mom!

You have earned your own steamy cup brimming with soft clouds of whipped cream, lightly draped with mini chocolate chips, and perhaps a little raspberry drizzle too! Haven’t you? Of course, you have! Personally, I recommend adding a shot of espresso but that is a personal preference! You can select your own shot of choice…

Worksheet Four of the Christmas Fun Pack – The Snowflake Matching Game

These lovely little watercolor snowflakes are what dreams are made of. The dreams of Homeschool Moms everywhere just wishing for one single hour of life uninterrupted. Wait! No, I was going to say the dreams of competitive little students all over America. You just cut them out. Turn them over and have the kids take turns hunting down each lovely little icy beauty’s twin. If you decide to suggest they play until someone takes the title of Two out of Three games then you go ahead. If you decide, four out five is more what your To-Do List is insisting upon then go for it, Sweet Momma! Nine out of Ten? Hey, no one is here to judge you Little Missy! You just do what you have to do!

Also, kids love this one. It’s fun! It helps hard-working Moms… Dang! Working Memory. I meant to say it helps their working memory develop. This is quality time they are spending working those sweet little brains…

Worksheet Five of the Christmas Fun Pack – The Christmas Word Scramble

Ok, Momma’s, this is the final card up your sleeve. I mean, the educational tool you have been waiting for. So this word scramble is a doozy. I didn’t put instructions on there because I feel like you probably know best whether you want to see who can unscramble the most Christmas themed words in five minutes, or maybe ten minutes, perhaps your precious littles deserve a full twenty minutes to see what they can do with this worksheet? YOU are in control here, Homeschool Mom! Take those reins. Set that timer. Run from that Homeschool Room as though your shoes were on fire. I mean… to allow them time to work independently. Yes, that’s what I was trying to say. And go take care of you. That list doesn’t shrink on its own you know!

You’re Welcome! I Get It! Merry Christmas!

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Homeschool Christmas Fun Printable Packet

Get your Holiday Sanity Saver – Christmas Fun Packet – Right Here

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