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Christmas Reading List – Best Christmas Books

Christmas Reading List – Best Christmas Books

My Favorite Christmas Books

I love Christmas books and I have read a lot of them. In honor of the greatest Christmas Books out there I have created a collection I call, Bathrobes, Bells, & Bookmarks! This list includes my very favorite Christmas Stories. I hope you find your favorite among them. If you have a suggestion for a great Christmas book that I haven’t included, please let me know about it in the comments section below. Merry Christmas!

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Bathrobes, Bells, and Bookmarks Book Review Series
A Vineyard Christmas Book Review

A Vineyard Christmas Book Review

A Vineyard Christmas is about an author who has moved to the quaint little island of Chappaquiddick. She settled into a rental house and is making soap while avoiding writing her next novel. The author, Annie Sutton, is suffering. She has lost her parents, her best friend, and both her first and second husband. So Annie has plenty to deal with over Christmas. But then one night during a great blizzard she hears strange noises on the porch. Annie gets up to discover a baby girl named Bella tucked into a basket on her front porch. And that’s really where this story gets started.

A Christmas By The Sea Christmas novel

A Christmas By The Sea Book Review

Wendy’s husband has passed away from cancer. Her twelve-year-old son Jackson is falling apart without him. The medical bills added to student loans have left Wendy in great financial peril. Then one day she finds out that her grandfather has left her his little cabin in Seaside, Maine.

Wendy returns to do the necessary renovations and get it on the market as fast as possible. But Jackson is embraced by the beautiful little town. He seems to be healing and happy for the first time in a long time. How can Wendy make him leave this new life where he is thriving at last. But then again, how could she possibly stay?

The Afterlife of Holly Chase Christmas Book Review

The Afterlife of Holly Chase Book Review

This is a Christmas story about a girl, Holly Chase, who has become a modern-day Scrooge. She is in fact visited by her own personal Jacob Marley, in the form of her recent deceased stepmother, Yvonne. Holly is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. She is aptly warned. But she thinks it all some wretched nightmare and moves on unchanged.

Until she dies herself just weeks later. And that changes everything for Holly Chase. Fast forward five years, Holly carries on, now the Ghost of Christmas Past. She never ages, she never changes, she resets every morning. Holly thinks of herself as a ‘well-preserved zombie’.

Holly spends nights sifting through the minds of each year’s current Scrooge to find the exact moments they most need to see when delivered their own final chance to set things right each Christmas Eve. Holly has settled reluctantly into her role… Until the face of this year’s Scrooge is revealed. And Holly finds it such a lovely face…

Last Christmas In Paris

Last Christmas In Paris Christmas Book Review

The story takes you through World War One. You view it through the eyes of Lieutenant Thomas Harding as he faces the worst horrors of the war at the front lines in battles all over France. You also view it through the eyes of Evie Elliott, a wealthy, young girl from London who experiences the war through a very different lens. Evie serves in her own ways as Tom serves in his. But they experience the whole thing together.

Considering the weight of the topic, this book is surprising in its ability to make you laugh. With fun characters such as Will Elliott, Evie’s brother, and Tom’s best friend. And also Alice Cuthbert, Evie’s jazz singing, fun-loving, best friend turned war nurse. You can’t help but be charmed.

It’s a hard read but it’s a lovely read. As a girl who adores historical fiction, I especially enjoyed Last Christmas In Paris. I think you will too.

A Season of Gifts Christmas Book Review

A Season of Gifts Christmas Book Review

This Christmas story is about a small family that is new in town. It’s the kind of town where not much is new. There is very little money there, but bullies, well, they run in abundance. Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart have just arrived to get a new Methodist Church up and running. Their oldest daughter Phylis is just fourteen but imagines herself as a very mature twenty-something. And then, there is their youngest daughter Ruth-Ann who has only a single friend, a beaten up doll named Grachel. Finally, their only boy, Bob, is a hardworking young man not sure what to make of this new place.

The story takes you through a single year of their lives. And it is quite the year! After all, there are Indian Princess ghosts running rampant in their neighbor’s pumpkin patch. And there are bullies who would just as soon kill them as welcome them. There are also Homecoming Queens absolutely full to bursting with raw hatred.

But who could dwell on all of that when there is just so much to get done? There are people to feed and souls to save. There are funerals and weddings and a church choir to organize. But most of all, there are people that need one another, whether they like it or not.
Merry and Bright Book Review

Merry & Bright Christmas Book Review

This sweet story takes you into the life of Merry Knight. She is working a temp job in order to pay for her last year of college. With all the mandatory overtime and family responsibilities, she has no time for romance.

Instead, she cares for her ailing mother and her precious brother, Patrick while her father works often on the road and far from home. Until her family teams up to make her a profile on an online dating site. And then, everything changes.

What Child Is This Christmas Book Review

What Child Is This Christmas Book Review

This is a story about a boy named Matt who has lived the hardest type of life. His father has died and his mother is a drug addict and so Matt has spent most of his childhood being passed around from one foster home to another. He is currently residing in the home of the Rowans, a kind older couple. If it doesn’t work out here he will likely be sent to Cambridge, a place more like a prison than an orphanage. The Rowans represent his last chance to get it right before he is sent in. Matt is very quiet and very cautious. He has learned to turn off his emotions.

Until one day eight-year-old Katie shows up…

Katie has one Christmas wish, a really big one. Katie wants a family for Christmas.

The Christmas Candle Christmas Book Review

The Christmas Candle Christmas Book Review

The Christmas Candle is a book about a lovely little town in England. This little town is full of life and love and joy and hardship. Just like most small towns. But Gladstone has something that most towns don’t have. Every twenty-five years the candle maker is visited by an angel. This angel touches a single candle. That blessed candle leads to amazing blessings…

Top Ten Clues You Are Clueless Christmas Story book Review

Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless Christmas Book Review

In this Christmas Book For Teens, Chloe and the other teenagers employed at the local grocery store are accused of stealing around $10,000 in charity money. The theft is discovered on Christmas Eve. Chloe, a huge fan of Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, wants nothing more than to solve the crime herself before the cops show up. While they wait for the cops to arrive, new friendships are formed, hard words are exchanged, and a life or death situation arises.

All of these are amazing Christmas books. My very favorite of them all is What Child Is This. My second favorite is Last Christmas In Paris and then The Afterlife of Holly Chase! Let me know what your favorite Christmas book is in the comments section below!

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