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Daily Goal Setting Worksheet

Daily Goal Setting Worksheet

This Personal Goal Setting Worksheet Keeps Students and Teachers Focused

Daily goals have been a part of our homeschool life for years now. They help us stay focused and to make the most out of our time. T and I spend about five minutes thinking about we want to accomplish that day and then we write down three goals. These are not curriculum goals (those are on the whiteboard) but rather personal goals. Mine often include things like, complete a blog post, take a hike, make this or that dessert. T’s often include things like workout, write a story, draw a cartoon. You get the idea.

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Daily Goal Worksheets Help Us Be More Productive

Our daily goals help us to think about what we would like to accomplish with our free time and then when we find ourselves having completed our must-do tasks, we are more likely to recall our list then watch tv or something else to pass any extra time. We are much more productive people for taking the five minutes a day to create some goals.

Another benefit of including daily goals in our homeschool is that we are each others accountability partner. Every morning as we read aloud the goals we have set we also reflect on which of the goals from the day before we were able to successfully accomplish. We cheer each other on. We do not judge or tease if one or the other of us did not complete their goals for the day before. Instead, we give each other extra encouragement that day. It helps.

How Do Daily Goal Worksheets Improve Your Day To Day Life?

Creating daily goals does so much good. They help you get a clearer focus on what you want to do with your time. Once you have created the focus and committed them to paper, you feel much more motivated to actually complete your goals. You tend to feel like you have more control over your day. Also, when you complete a goal you receive a sense of satisfaction.

Our quote of the week this week is:

“You have to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to be with satisfaction.” ~ George Lorimer

We Want To Share Our Daily Goals Worksheet With You

At the beginning of our homeschool journey, we used to write our daily goals down on index cards. And that was cool, and it worked just fine. But then I became a blogger and learned how to make super cute printables and now we use this Daily Goal Setting Worksheet. This keeps everything organized and on one sheet. It’s easy to tack to our boards or slip into the front of a planner. And we want to share with you too.

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Get Your Printable Daily Goal Worksheet Here!

Daily Goals Printable

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