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Five Reasons To Visit Outer Banks

Five Reasons The Outer Banks Should Be Your Family Vacation Destination

Outer Banks Offers a Great Family Vacation

We recently decided it was time to get away. To me, this means one thing – ocean! Coming from Maine, I find myself aching for the Atlantic and the peace only a day at the ocean can deliver. We were traveling to the Outer Banks out of season so a lot of places were closed. The blissful exchange, a beach all to ourselves and no traffic. It turned out to be a great trade off.

Outer Banks
Outer Banks






I thought I would share our Top Reasons for visiting Outer Banks.

Number One:

Jockey’s Ridge State Park: Outer Banks has a gem! This place is unreal. Imagine walking across a desert, the sand is warm beneath your toes. The wind perfect for kite flying. Jockey’s Ridge State Park is the largest sand dune in the eastern United States. It’s massive. All of the kids there just wanted to run. The endless sand has this unique way of placing you in a state of awe. The crystal blue sky is dotted with a rainbow of kites. At last, you climb victorious to the top of the dune, and the Atlantic ocean is laid out before you like a mirage. It’s deep blue, sea birds explore the shore, dolphins hurdle waves, and the gentle sound of sea meeting shore relax you to your core! It is so breathtaking and so much fun. We had an awesome kite! It was a giant, fully detailed pirate ship with multiple sails and a Jolly Roger flying high. But, we broke it in our desperate attempt to open it without scissors. It never had a chance to sail way up there with the rest but that in no way lessened our love for our trip to Jockey’s Ridge. T said this was his favorite of all of the stops. Check out his happy dance!





Number Two

The Lost Colony: If you follow me, you already know about my obsession with real life mysteries. The Lost Colony is at the top of my list of favorites and a large part of my inspiration to go to Outer Banks. The long story made short goes like this. A permanent settlement is established on Roanoke Island back in 1587. The first English child is born in America. Her name, Virginia Dare. Her grandfather, John White, is forced to head back to England for more supplies. He intends to come right back. Instead, war prevents his return for three long years. When he finally does return, everyone has vanished!  Vanished! A whole colony! 117 people, gone. (Insert the X-Files theme song.) The only clue is found in a word. Carved in a fence is Croatoan. In a nearby tree, they find carved three letters. CRO. John assumes this means they have moved to stay with a tribe called the Croatoans. He decides to go investigate but a great hurricane comes along and tries to swallow his ship. He is forced to return to England again for repairs. Bottom line, they were never found. Not a single one of them! Many have searched. Fascinating additional clues have been found. What is a hoax and what is the real deal are hard to separate? History Channel even ran a show trying to solve the mystery.

We had to go. I had a mystery to solve. I didn’t actually solve it but it was an awesome trip all the same. T thinks he knows what happened. His guess, a mass alien abduction. LOL!





There is also a live show that people rave about on TripAdvisor and it tells the whole story of The Lost Colony. We missed it by a few weeks 🙁 But, if you find yourself in Outer Banks between June and August you need to catch it. Tripadvisor rates it 4.5 stars.


Number Three:

Elizabethan Gardens: Just a short walk from The Lost Colony is Elizabethan Gardens. This garden was designed as a permanent memorial to the members of the Lost Colony. Said to be one of the most unique and beautiful gardens in America, it will impress. I was fascinated with these Crepe Myrtles!


There is so much more to do! Outer Banks offers some of the best beaches for shell collecting! There are lighthouses to explore. The Wright Brothers Memorial is a huge attraction! You won’t run out of things to do.

Number Four:

But let’s talk food for a moment! T and I absolutely loved Duck Donuts! They serve them up warm and they are as much delectable cake as they are the peak of perfection donuts! We got ours and wandered to the end of the dock to eat with an oceanfront view. It may seem odd to include a donut shop with historic places like Blackbeard’s Teach’s Hole, but only if you have never had the pleasure of a Duck Donut!

Number Five: I could tell you about the awesome place we played putt-putt golf  (Mutiny Bay) because in our Travel Journal it did make the list. But… inked in just above it was another place we ate. What can I say, we love to eat! That said, you must try New York Pizza Pub! This wasn’t quite the same as some of the pies I have had the pleasure of being served up north, but it was spectacular pizza and we ate it all!

Our trip to Outer Banks is one we will always remember as among the best! We will no doubt return! If you are thinking about where to take your family for an incredible memory making Getaway that rocks, Outer Banks is likely the destination for you! Check out this post I did while researching for our trip with even more ideas on what to do!

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If you have a favorite spot in Outer Banks I didn’t include, please feel free to share it in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Five Reasons To Visit Outer Banks

  1. I have lived in NC since 2007 and still have not made the trip to the outer banks. I am going to have to plan a little stay. Your pictures are so beautiful! That sky!

    1. Thank you, Dara! I have wanted to go for years and so glad I did! Absolutely beautiful place! Hope you get there soon! Thank you for visiting our blog and taking the time to comment! You are appreciated! Hope you visit again soon!

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