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Hatchet Book Review and Worksheets

Hatchet Book Review and Worksheets

Hatchet Book Report, Letter Writing Exercise & Writing Prompt

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen was quite possibly T’s favorite book out of all he read last year. This is a story about a young man who survives a plane crash only to find himself lost and alone in the Canadian wilderness. This book is a page-turner for sure.

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At only thirteen years old, Brian is forced to figure out how to provide shelter, make a fire, find food, and defend himself all with only the help of a simple hatchet. Brian encounters bloodthirsty mosquitoes, viscous porcupine, hungry bear, giant wolves, and an insane moose as he endures. Meanwhile, he struggles with the emotional impact of his parent’s recent divorce and the ugly secret he has been keeping from everyone. In this book, a boy becomes a man by trial and error.

Hatchet is well written and keeps the story moving along at a fast pace. A great read. T and I both highly recommend this book!

Hatchet Quote Printable

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Supplemental Hatchet Worksheets

While T was reading Hatchet I made some worksheets to supplement his reading and make sure I had a way to measure his retention.

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I created the Hatchet Writing Prompt Worksheet which asks the student to choose from three locations and then write a piece about how they would survive in that environment.

I also created a Hatchet Letter Writing Assignment which asks the student to write a letter to Brian after he misses his chance at setting his signal fire the first time a plane comes around. It is a letter of encouragement.

Also, I made a Hatchet Book Review. I have him do a book review on everything he reads.

Finally, I created this beautiful Hatchet Printable Quote to display in our homeschool room. It features the lesson he learned from Mr. Perpich, his English Teacher. It is the message that kept him going. “Stay positive and stay on top of things.”

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Hatchet Worksheet Printables

To get all three of these, please click here for The Hatchet Worksheet Series.

Hatchet Printable Lessons



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    1. This was T’s favorite read last year and he read so many books! I loved it too 🙂 Keeps you on the edge of your seat! Have a great day and thanks for visiting Geez, Gwen!

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