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Homeschool In Pictures – January 2019

Homeschool In Pictures – January 2019

Come On In And See What Happens In A Real Homeschool

If you have ever wondered what it really looks like to homeschool, then you are in the right place. Welcome to our Blog Series, Homeschool In Pictures. Here we are offering a real deal look inside our own homeschool. We wanted to offer an honest peek inside for everyone who is curious about how this is done. What do homeschoolers do all day? How do we learn? Do we get outside? What about socialization? Could homeschooling be the right choice for your family?

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It’s a different journey for every family but we thought we would let you peek inside of our lives and see how we manage it. Maybe you will find some answers. Maybe you will discover new questions. If that’s the case I am happy to help. Ask in the comments section below, or feel free to message me through Facebook, or email me.

Our Homeschooling Journey – January 2019

January was turbulent, to say the least! We had great and wonderful highs and we had wicked falls that left us laying there for days at a time! We had respiratory infections and T even went all in with a serious case of strep throat. It was rough, guys! But then we had a great month of actual school. Even Algebra was reasonable this month and Biology was flat out fun! We visited Gatlinburg, we went hiking three times, we finished our birdhouse project and so much more. So let’s dig in and I’ll show what homeschooling looked like for us this month.

Picking Our Word of The Year

This year we picked out our one word of the year a little bit differently. We got some family members together and went through this workbook, and ate good food, and took our time. I ended up with CREATIVE and T ended up with PROSPER. You can read all about that right here.

Getting Outdoors

T and I did our First Hike close to home this year because the temps were too low to head up and into the higher elevations. But it was a beautiful hike. We also visited the lake several times and collected driftwood for some of his projects.

Morning In The Mountains

T loves to hike in the colder weather, me I much prefer Fall! What we both agree on, is that nature is necessary and so we bundle up and venture out and never regret the time spent outdoors.

T at the lake

Homeschool Biology was FUNgus

Biology had us feeding mold and venturing into the forest to find fungus. T is loving these sections. He adores all of the Sciences but this course and Chemistry have been his favorite so far!

Homeschool Biology

The Birdhouse Project – Homeschool Art

Homeschool Art Birdhouse Project

I went to Michaels and found us these adorable birdhouses. T and I both love our birds and we take part in The Backyard Bird Count every year as well as keep our birds stocked up with birdseed ornaments hanging from our trees. What they needed more of, were houses. T and I spent a few days learning more about our local birds by studying our copy of The National Audobon Society’s Bird Guide.

Bird Guide

After they were painted and dried we had to had to wait almost two weeks before the temps hit the fifties and we could use the sealer to finish them up! But at last, they are up and ready for new tenants.


Homeschooling Means Plenty of Time To Serve

Library Volunteering

T attended the Teen Book Club as he does every month and he participated in TAB – The Teen Advisory Board. They continued to discuss ways in which they could improve the library and brainstormed new fundraising ideas. His story to service project from last month is coming to a completion. Last months project was all about addressing the dangers of distracted driving. Last week the bumper stickers came in and arrangements were made for our kids to visit local high schools and share what they learned. They have also read Winterfolk for the next Stories To Service Project and began discussions on how to build a community garden to assist the homeless in our area.

Volunteering With The Horses

T also did his weekly service at the stables. He has been working extra hard as the barn is understaffed right now. This group is amazing and this Miracle Herd and their team not only work with disabled youth, but also at-risk youth, and Vets suffering from PTSD. T is very passionate about doing his best for this group!

Volunteering at the stables
Zanzy showing us that he believes in the power of a good mud bath!

Starting The Herb Garden

T and I couldn’t wait to start the Herb Garden so we went ahead and got the seeds all nestled in.

Herb Garden

We use a warming mat to keep our seeds at the right temperature. And this year we have labeled our seedlings with different colors. Once they get their second set of leaves it will be time to begin feeding them. We will be using two different foods to see which they like best because as homeschoolers, everything becomes a chance to do a little Science Experiment. We will also be attending a Seed Swap on Saturday!


Drivers Education Has Begun

Much to my horror, my son is old enough for his driving permit! His Dad got him a truck for Christmas and he has been itching to get his permit. We wanted to wait until Spring but he talked us into starting his lessons!

Drivers Education

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling Class

As part of my commitment to following my one word of the year, I have started several classes that focus on enhancing my creativity. My Bible Journaling Class was so wonderful that I have brought it into our homeschooling life. We just finished  The Case For Christmas and that Bible Study, so now we have begun journaling our way through Proverbs this month and it has been an amazing experience. Next month we will add our God’s Not Dead Bible Study as well.

Creative Writing Class

Creative Writing Class

Another class that I really enjoyed was a Creative Writing Class where we actually typed on typewriters! It was so cool! I’ve been on Marketplace every since looking for a great deal on one because I think T would really enjoy this method. In today’s world we are so used to autocorrect, and being able to easily go back and fix errors, that we rarely stop and really think before we begin writing. Using the typewriter forces you to slow down and I kind of fell in love with it. Besides, It’s a beautiful machine, isn’t it?

Salt Mind Experience

Salt Mind Experience

We discovered something really cool this month that I feel is worth sharing. I mentioned how sick we were at the first of the year. T had strep and I had a respiratory infection. We both also suffer horribly from allergies. A friend recommended we try Halotherapy at the Salt Mind Experience. When I saw a really good deal on Groupon, I decided to book us a 45-minute session. It was awesome, guys. If you haven’t heard of Halotherapy, here is what the Salt Mind Experience has to say about it:

Halotherapy is going into a room lit warmly by Himalayan salt while breathing salty air that the halogenerator produces, much like being at the beach or in a real salt cave.   The salty air works as a sponge to clean sinuses and airways, much like a neti pot however a neti pot can’t get into your lungs and it’s not the most enjoyable thing to experience. Himalayan salt can help to balance blood sugar/pressure,  acts as a powerful antihistamine, balances pH, improves hydration, reduces muscle cramps, improves sleep, supports thyroid and adrenal function.

Within two days of our session I was completely cleared up and by the fourth day T’s cough (which had been with him for weeks) finally broke up and left altogether. I will be going back. This is such a great find for people like us who truly suffer from chronic allergies. Had to share that little find!

In A Nutshell

This month was really pretty great considering how much of it we felt kind of rough. We still made the most of it. We learned a lot. We had a ton of fun! We got outdoors and explored. We cooked and baked and tried new things. We had a ball! This homeschooling life isn’t always easy. I won’t lie. There are really hard days but this month we didn’t have too many of them. For the most part, it was just a huge blessing.

As we approach the days when he will have his drivers license, I am feeling really grateful for our car rides together to each event. I am feeling grateful in general. Homeschooling is just a season of life, it won’t last forever. For now, I am just holding tight to the moments and enjoying it. Homeschooling is a lot of things, but at the top of the list is the fact that it is a blessing!

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