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Homeschool In Pictures – September 2018

Homeschool In Pictures – September 2018

Come On In And See What Happens In A Real Homeschool

If you have ever wondered what it really looks like to homeschool, then you are in the right place. Welcome to our Blog Series, Homeschool In Pictures. Here we are offering a real deal look inside our own homeschool. We wanted to offer an honest peek inside for everyone who is curious about how this is done. What do homeschoolers do all day? How do we learn? Do we get outside? What about socialization? Could homeschooling be the right choice for your family?

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It’s a different journey for every family but we thought we would let you peek inside of our lives and see how we manage it. Maybe you will find some answers. Maybe you will discover new questions. If that’s the case I am happy to help. Ask in the comments section below, or feel free to message me through Facebook, or email me.

Homeschool Life

Highschool Homeschooling

This year we started Ninth Grade and I have to tell you, it took me the entire summer to settle on a curriculum. T is interested in an early graduation as well as dual enrollment opportunities so there was a lot to consider. Also, we started applying for scholarships and looking into grant opportunities so we have a plan for his high school years. It has been a journey.

Now that we are six weeks in, I have finally relaxed and accepted that I made good choices. It’s a heavy curriculum, as he requested, but we are having a great time with it and learning so much! His favorite class at the moment is Biology. He loves using the microscopes!

Microscope Homeschool Biology

Start of School – Homeschool Traditions

Every year we begin and end school at our favorite bakery, Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, TN. We can not get enough of their treats.

These traditions have become more and more valuable to us as the years have gone on. We recognize what they represent. Sometimes, a new beginning ahead, full of challenges and triumphs. Others, a happy ending, a job well done, a deep sense of satisfaction.

Homeschool Traditions

Homeschool Art

T really loves drawing and painting and all through the summer, he worked on sketching. So we have done a lot of sketching and painting. We usually use YouTube tutorials and I supplement with more material which I find online that meets the requirements.

Homeschool Art Class

Let me give a specific example so you can see how I pull these off. Let’s start with this cherry tree and moon painting we did. Super cute, isn’t it? You can see the full post about it here.

I found this YouTube Video by theartsherpa and I knew T would like this project. The background swirls put me in mind of Van Gogh. So we spent some time visiting the Virtual Van Gogh Museum. I had T do a follow up writing up three paragraphs about Van Gogh. The first to cover the life of Van Gogh. The second paragraph to discuss a few of his works. Finally, a conclusion paragraph to include his opinion on Van Gogh and his works. We had a ball with this.

Here is another example of Homeschool Art and the accompanying Lesson Plan.

We began to learn how to use charcoal here with the article The Basics of Sketching with Charcoal from the site: Design/ Then we went to this video –  The Whale Drawing by Fine Art Tips  and we followed with this  Lesson Plan of my Own because it was Steve Erwin Day – Endangered Species Worksheet

Homeschool Art Whale

Homeschool Field Trips

We are strong believers in hands-on learning and so we do a lot of field trips.

Rocky Mount Historic Site

We visited Rocky Mount Historic Site for their annual Homeschool Days. We love living history and Rocky Mount does it right.

Dried Peppers and Herbs

This year T wanted to spend most of our time asking questions about how the food was prepared and preserved. Mrs. Cobb was happy to answer all of our questions. You can read all about this Rocky Mount Homeschool Days field trip right here.

Homeschool Freedom

Because T’s birthday was this month we took the day off from school and headed to Gatlinburg to check out the new Theme Park Anakeesta!

Anakeesta Theme Park Review

We spent the day wandering around in the treetops high up on Anakeesta Mountain. It was really quite wonderful. You can read all about our trip to Anakeesta Theme Park in Gatlinburg, right here.

Homeschool Fun and Games

T and I have a lot of fun playing games. This latest one, Roll A Story Halloween Writing Prompts has been ridiculously fun.

Halloween Writing Prompt Dice Game

Here is how it works, each player rolls the dice three times. The first roll will determine their character. Then the second roll will determine the stories setting. Finally, the third roll will determine the conflict their story will center around. After the rolls are made the student (and teacher if you so choose) are given time to write out their story. We both love writing prompts so this is one of our favorites.

This Month I’m Offering You The Halloween Writing Prompt Game at No Charge! Get it here!

Inside Our Homeschool Classroom

T and I have three work areas in our homeschool room. There is his desk, my desk, and our worktable. We also have three bookshelves which are full to the brim. We have a ton of whiteboards and chalkboards. Every week we have a new verse of the week and a new quote of the week to keep us inspired. We love our homeschool room.

Anatomy & Physiology

Apologia Chemistry

Homeschool Classroom

Homeschool Gives Us Time To Volunteer

Every Wednesday T goes and volunteers at Small Miracles Equestrian Center. He also works many Tuesdays and Thursdays with the Teen Advisory Board at the Library and is working with them on Stories To Service Volunteer Projects right now. One of the best parts of homeschooling is the time it allows for reaching out to your community.

Volunteering at Stables

Our Homeschool Life

So there you have a peek inside our homeschool life. We have had a lot of fun this month, we have also worked really hard, we have learned so very much, and we have had great days, and very hard days, and everything in between. But we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What It Takes To Homeschool

Homeschooling is such a blessing to us. It is the way of life we have chosen and we did not choose it lightly. Homeschool is hard. Very hard some days.  Choosing homeschool means a lot of work and an abundance of self-sacrifice. It is a full-time job. This homeschool life we live requires sincere commitment. It demands self-motivation, drive, stamina, enthusiasm, imagination, and a lot of heart. It is also sustained and thrives on prayer. I think for me, a successful homeschool life takes God, most of all.

Why We Choose Homeschool

As much as it takes to make it work, homeschooling gives back more. Homeschooling is most certainly a very precious gift. It is a life changing opportunity for your children. It is also so much fun, and a grand adventure, and time well spent. We are so grateful for the opportunity to give T this kind of education. An education that includes all the same things the public school curriculum offers but also involves character development, Bible study, and community service, work ethic, work experience, and a diverse group of people (no age restraints) to learn beside.

We are glad that he will have a chance to learn the life skills he needs to be a successful young man. We want to make sure when he grows up he knows how to handle his bills, and cook his food, and do his laundry as well as solve those Algebra problems, quote that Shakespeare, and spell without error. Homeschooling offers us a chance to educate T in all ways: mind, body, and spirit.

Above all else, homeschool is worth it! All of it! And we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Top Ten Reasons To Homeschool

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