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Homeschool Month In Pictures – February 2018

Homeschool Month In Pictures – February 2018

What Really Happens In Homeschool?

#Thisishomeschool – As a homeschooling family, our lives stay very busy! We seek out hands-on and real-life learning experiences as often as possible. Here on our blog, we offer you a genuine, honest look inside our home and our life as a homeschool family. If you have ever wondered what we homeschoolers do all day or if this life is the type you want to offer your own family, we hope our journey will be helpful to you!

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February was outstanding. We were blessed with beautiful weather, a huge relief after the bitter cold that January carried in with the New Year. We spent as much time as possible outside, walking along the river, bird watching in our backyard, and hiking small trails in our spare moments. Let’s get to it!

Homeschool Life

The Homeschool Life Is Full of Great Curriculum

This month we continued our studies as usual. T is thoroughly enjoying his Geography and Science Lessons the most. Here you see him thinking hard as he works his way through a Unit Review on Europe.

Homeschool Reading
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Homeschooling Means A Lot Of Reading

Here T is spending his early morning hours enjoying free read. He has chosen this month to read The History of the World in Bite-Sized Chunks. This is a book he picked out himself at the book store and even bought with his own money.

Reading The Hunger Games

Homeschooling Means Time For Free Read And Required Reading

For his required reading, he has been digging into The Hunger Games. This is the only book so far he has literally not been able to put down. I know how it is to find yourself lost in a story and unable to walk away no matter what!

Snake Program at Memorial Park

Homeschool Means Lots Of Outside Classes With Experts

Our favorite outside class we attended this month taught us all about snakes! This one was at Memorial Park and was taught by Connie Deagan, the Nature Coordinator. We learned so much about the snakes of East Tennessee! T really enjoyed it!


Guitar Lessons

Our Homeschool Life Means Music Lessons Downtown

T continues with his guitar lessons and he really enjoys them! He and his Dad really enjoy the time they spend together practicing at home as well.

Sweetsie Treats

Homeschool Offers Delicious Rewards

As a reward for his hard work in guitar lessons, we have started stopping into Sweetsie Treats after his lessons. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite places!

Making bookmarks

Homeschool Art Is Fun

Our favorite art project this month was making bookmarks. We made a bunch and it was so much fun. If you want to make some for your family, here is a post about how to do it!

Homeschool Means Celebrating A Lot Of National Holidays

We celebrated President’s Day all week long with Fun Facts and Great Quotes from all 45 president’s! You can enjoy these too! Check out this post, Fun Facts and Top Inspirational Quotes By American Presidents.

Which President had a parrot

Homeschooling Means Lots of Field Trips

Our favorite field trip this month was our trip to Gatlinburg! We visited Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies! T and I always enjoy our trips to the Aquarium! Not only does the Aquarium offer Homeschool Discounts but they also offer Homeschool Classes! Click here to learn more.

Top Ten Reasons To Visit The Aquarium

Homeschooling Means Lots of Nature

With all the warm weather we couldn’t force ourselves to stay inside. We took several of our lunch breaks at the picnic tables at Sycamore Shoals this month and we always walked the trails after. This weather has us aching for Spring!

Sycamore Shoals Walking Trail

The Homeschool Life Offers A Full and Amazing Lifestyle

So there you have a glimpse inside our February! We enjoyed many more activities and events than what you see listed here. T attended the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party at the Johnson City Public Library. We visited several historic sites here close to home and learned a lot about our local history. We did an in-depth study on Abraham Lincoln that really brought him to life for both of us. We participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. He continued to Volunteer at the stables. And so much more.

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Here is a look at our January Homeschool Journey!

Homeschool In Pictures

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Homeschooling In Photos

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