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Homeschool Month In Pictures – March 2018

Homeschool Month In Pictures – March 2018

What Really Happens In Homeschool?

#thisishomeschool Come look inside a real homeschool! In this blog series on homeschooling, we swing the door into our home and our lives wide open and welcome you in! Our family offers you an honest recap of how it all went down in our everyday homeschool journey. We share this because we want to offer a genuine look at this lifestyle for those wondering what’s up with those of us who choose this path and for those of you considering making this lifestyle your way of life.

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Listen, everyone’s homeschooling journey is different and that’s cool. Actually, that’s one of the best parts of homeschooling. Making it work for your family. And I can’t tell you about how everyone else is doing it. But, I can show you how we do it and I can tell you as a girl who’s been pulling this off for five years now, it is the greatest blessing. It’s hard. It requires mad sacrifice and a lot of work but it is also beautiful beyond words. The rewards make everything else fade away. It is so worth it.

Homeschooling In Spring

So let me tell you all about March in our homeschool. First of all, Spring technically started this month but apparently, we just aren’t going to do Spring this year. We have had temps in the eighties and temps in the teens. It’s been all weird and made planning a little tricky. But we went with the flow and we made the best of it!

Spring Bucket List Printable

Spring Bucket List

We did fill out our 2018 Spring Bucket Lists and we posted them in the homeschool room! They include such goals as planting gardens, having barbeques, hiking up mountains, and picnicking at the lake. If you want to print one off and have your family start this tradition than here you go!

We Hike A Lot As Homeschoolers

Between every snowstorm, we tried to get outside and enjoy nature. We were on the hunt for signs of Spring and we found them in abundance.

LessonPlanet General Banners
Spring Hike at Sycamore Shoals

Some of them were not as welcome as others. We saw two snakes in one hike at Sycamore Shoals. We have attended many classes on which snakes are poisonous and have learned how to handle ourselves around them so they don’t freak us out like they used to.

Snake Program at Memorial Park
This picture was taken at a Snakes Alive class we attended in January. What we learned has come in handy already!

Apologia Chemistry

Snake at Sycamore Shoals
This guy we saw last week at Sycamore Shoals.

Homeschool Recess Rocks

In March we enjoyed ‘recess’ at Watauga Lake, Warrior’s Path, Sycamore Shoals, and Winged Deer Park.

Watauga Lake

We Started Another Season of Soccer

Soccer cleats

T loves playing soccer and he couldn’t wait for another season to start. At last, it has begun. His schedule is getting a little crazy right now. He has guitar lessons, Teen Advisory Board meetings, soccer practices, and games, as well as his volunteer time at Small Miracles.

Small Miracles Stables

But he loves it all and summer will be here before we know it anyway. Why not go all in to finish eighth grade?

Playing with Slime

We Made Galaxy Slimygloop

Instead of starting a new Science unit on a Friday, we decided to use our Science Time to play with Slime. I know. I know. It’s not the type of educational Science activity you’ve probably come to expect from me. But it was SO fun! Everyone is making it and we needed something fun that wouldn’t take a long time so we decided to use our Galaxy SlimyGloop kit and we had a blast, guys! If you haven’t made Slime yet, it’s time to try it…

Smithsonian Hooked Us Up

Smithsonian Hooked Us Up

We do a lot of the Smithsonian Webinars. They are fun and educational and Smithsonian provides the lesson plans, the handouts, the teacher, and the answers to all of your student’s questions in a live webinar. We spend class time learning and prepping so we are ready to go when they go live and we rarely miss one. Anyway, we filled out this paper telling about why we love their webinar classes and mailed it in and they hooked T up! They sent him stacks and stacks of books and a bunch of cool bookmarks! We are having a great time with them! Thanks, Smithsonian!

peanut butter pie recipe

We Celebrated National Peanut Butter Lovers Day!

We celebrate one fun, weird, national holiday every week. So naturally, when the time came, we celebrated National Peanut Butter Lovers day by making this no-bake Peanut Butter Layer Pie. It was so easy that we made two and shared one with my sister and her family. (Get the recipe here) We also celebrated National Film Score Day, National Pi Day and The First Day of Spring.

LessonPlanet Logo
Renaissance Lesson

We Learned About The Renaissance

We used a lesson plan from Kids Discover to get us started learning all about the Renaissance and we followed up with some cool virtual museum visits.

We also did all of our regular classes. T finished the Hunger Games and submitted his book report. We made it through Antarctica, Australia,  and Africa in Geography. We have almost finished American History and likely will before the school year is up. Which means we can get creative. I want to take him to Mount Vernon this summer. He has also almost completed his Literature Studies and they too will be complete before the school year is over. We will be adding extra lessons because April is National Poetry Month. You get it. We are just about done with all of our curricula for eighth grade and it’s pretty exciting!

Apologia Chemistry

Easter Egg Fight

Easter Egg Fight

Easter was awesome! T made it to the final round in the Egg Fight with this green egg but Callie took the victory for 2018. As much fun as this was, we kept the true reason for Easter close to our hearts throughout the long weekend!

The First Easter Morning

So there you have it in a nutshell! We learned a lot. We played a lot. We hiked, and volunteered, and showed up to all of our lessons, practices, and meetings. We basically killed it! March was a wonderful month in our homeschool! Plus, T got me these beautiful tulips!

Purple Tulips

Do you homeschool? If so tell us how your March went in the comments section below. Questions about homeschool are always welcome. You can email me at or ask in the comments section below. We love to hear from you! Until next time…

Be blessed,


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Homeschool In Pictures

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