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How To Paint This Fun Autumn Equinox Tree Painting

Follow the simple steps below to do this fall art project – The Equinox Tree Painting, in your homeschool or in your classroom.

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What You Will Need For The Autumn Equinox Fall Tree Painting

  • Mixed Media Paper
  • Acrylic Paints in blue (2 shades) – white- brown – green (2 shades) red – orange – yellow
  • Colored Pencil or Chalk Pencil
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sponge or crumpled up aluminum foil
  • Qtips (one per student)
  • Painters Tape
  • Ruler
  • Water Jars or cups
  • Paper Towels

Time needed: 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The Autumn Equinox Fall Tree Painting

  1. Tape off your paper with the painting tape.

  2. Measure the halfway point across your paper (include the paper that is behind the tape in your measurement). We used fourteen-inch wide paper so we marked at 7 inches at the top in the center and at the bottom. Use these points as guides to draw a line down the center of your paper with your ruler.

    Once you have your center point put in your earth as an arc at the bottom ending in each corner.Fall Art Project - Autumn Equinox Tree Painting Craft

  3. Now, paint the summer sky on the left side of your painting.

    Fall Art Project - Autumn Equinox Tree Painting Craft Step Two

  4. Dry your piece with a hairdryer or wait for it to dry before placing a piece of painters tape down over the painted side aligning with your original mark. You don’t want to leave any white.

  5. Now paint a slightly different shade of blue for your autumn sky. (Hint – by adding drops of white to your blue you can add some depth to your painting).

    Once finished, carefully remove the center tape.Fall Art Project - Autumn Equinox Tree Painting Craft Step Four

  6. Paint the left side of your earth in green for summer. Dry completely. Place the tape just like you did for your sky and paint the Fall earth in a brown on the right side.

    Remove the tape.

  7. Once dry use your chalk or colored pencil to draw in your tree. Remember that most branches are covered up by leaves in the summer. You should draw more branches on the fall side of your scene.

    Fall Art Project - Autumn Equinox Tree Painting Step By Step

  8. Now it’s time to paint your tree and the branches. I used a darker brown on the fall side but that’s up to you.

    Autumn Equinox Painting - Fall Art Project

  9. Now it’s time to add your summer leaves. We use two different shades of green and a sponge to apply small areas one by one until we have built layers.

    If you do not have a sponge just grab a piece of aluminum foil and bunch it up into a ball. It will create a similar effect.Autumn Equinox Painting - Fall Art Project

  10. Now it’s time to add your fall leaves. Get your Qtip and dip it into the red paint, turn it just a bit and dip that side into the orange paint, turn it again and dip it into the yellow paint like this.

    Q Tip painting fall leaves

  11. Now add s few leaves to your branches. Add a few more falling to the ground. And then make a small pile on the ground below your tree.

    Autumn Equinox Painting - Fall Art Project

  12. Now just let it dry and then carefully remove your painter’s tape.

    Autumn Equinox Painting - Fall Art Project

I hope you had as much fun as we did creating this Autumn Equinox tree painting art project. It’s cool to think about how the seasons are changing and it’s really neat to be able to create a piece that tell that story.

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Come back soon for more fun art lessons! We are already planning what we want to make this winter!

Be blessed,


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