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Fun Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids That Become Mom’s Treasure

There are so many Mother’s Day craft ideas and with good reason. Mother’s Day crafts may start out simple. A little construction paper, a few cotton balls, maybe some finger paints. For older kids, a scrap of fabric and a glue gun can go a long way. But no matter how simple they start, once presented these Mother’s Day Crafts are instantly transformed into actual treasure.

I have saved every single Mother’s Day gift T has ever made me. Moms do that. We do that because we know in the way only a mom can, that Mother’s Day gifts are delivered directly from the open heart of the child, and there is no gift more beautiful.

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Below you will find a collection of Mother’s Day craft ideas for kids of all ages. I hope you are inspired to create something that brightens Mom’s day and lifts her heart. Enjoy!

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Handprint and Footprint Gifts for Mom

If they are little then you can capture that in a lot of unique and adorable ways by preserving their hand and footprints. Check out the Mother’s Day craft ideas collected by It’s All About Fashion and Crafts.

Cupcake Liner Flowers from Sophie’s World

These cupcake liner flowers can be made extra sweet with the use of pixie sticks and chocolate candies. PS- the sugar-free version is just as sweet!

Fingerprint Heart Magnets from Rhythms of Play

These fingerprint heart magnets are so adorable! Plus Mom can actually use them all year long. What a wonderful Mother’s Day craft idea!

Fingerprint Heart Magnets from Rhythms of Play

Family Thumbprint Platter from Southern Living

While on the subject of fingerprints… How sweet is this fingerprint platter! This comes together in no time at all and Mom will love it forever and ever.

DIY Rock Cactus Mother’s Day Gift

This rock cactus will live forever! Simple and fun this DIY Rock Cactus from Storee of My Life is too cute!

Pom Pom Monsters

There are a lot of Pom Pom Mother’s Day craft ideas that are fun to make. But these Pom Pom Monsters from Lia Griffith are so cute! Why not make one for Mom, give it a name, and give it a job. For example, Frizz the Monster who guards Mom’s candy stash. Gift Frizz with a Hershey Bar.

Paper Monster and Owl Bookmarks

Speaking of monsters, these adorable paper bookmarks from Red Ted Art are perfect! You could grab a cookbook at a used book store and gift those together!

Diamond Friendship Bracelet from Craftanatic

Your Mom is truly your best friend forever. Why not make you and Mom matching bracelets?

Straw Picture Frame From 3 Minute Crafts

Find a great picture of mom and kids and make this simple but fun straw frame. You can also paint popsicle sticks for some fun frame ideas.

DIY Clay Imprint Jewelry Bowl from Sharmane Coquilla

Kids love to play with clay! Be sure to select a non-toxic air-dry clay for these. Then take the littles out for a hike so they can find some beautiful grasses or flowers. Simple and beautiful!

I hope you have found a Mother’s Day Craft idea that you are excited about! Mom deserves the very best!

Now that you know that the kids are giving Mom, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for unique and meaningful gift ideas.

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