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My Word of The Year Is Explore – What Now?

My Word of The Year Is Explore

A Year of Exploration…

I love doing a word of the year. I know I talk a lot about how powerful your one word can be, but that’s because I believe in this. Truly, believe. It’ not like having a resolution that falls away from you before January reaches its end. Instead, it is claiming a word.  Just one word. Making it yours. As you personally experience your word you can’t help but discover new gifts, both within and without you. A single-focus word will steer you off your beaten path to places you never would have traveled without it. It will be an adventure you won’t regret taking. I can not encourage you enough to give it a try.

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Last Year My One Word Was Creative

Last year my word of the year was creative. At the beginning of the year, I couldn’t draw a stick figure or paint a smiley face. But I fell in love with my word. I let it serve as a guiding light for me and by the end of the year I had fallen in love with painting and drawing, and creative writing, and typewriters… I started a writing group and am almost halfway through my manuscript. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I sewed and made ornaments, and focused on composition in my photography. I made creative dishes for supper, I even brought creativity into my wardrobe. It led the way. And it was a beautiful journey.

Some of my art Geez Gwen
Read more about my journey with creativity here.

Thirty Days of Gratitude – Creative

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In 2018 I went boldly and it took me further than any other word has ever taken me.

The year before that I chose the word Bold and it literally transformed my entire life. Everywhere I went, I went boldly. I showed up, I stood up, I joined in, I have never been so present.

My word of the year is bold
Choosing BOLD as my word of the year changed everything…

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How We Choose Our Word of The Year

Every year I gather together some friends and family and we do my Word of The Year Workbook together. It’s a nice way to reflect on the year behind you and focus on the goals ahead. When we are done, our word has been claimed. I highly recommend you give it a try!

Find your 2020 Focus Word

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My 2020 Word of The Year is EXPLORE!

So, this year as we sat around the table adding and eliminating possible words, I was really excited. When the word EXPLORE was the last one remaining I was thrilled. I really like the sounds of a year of exploration.

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definition of explore

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What Now? What’s Next?

This is the very beginning so I am making some plans on how I can intentionally focus on my word. But the real trick is to be aware of opportunities to apply your word. Last year I asked myself constantly, am I approaching this in a creative manner?  What would someone who was very creative do in this situation? What is something creative that I have never tried before? Stuff like that. This year my inner voice will be asking only slightly different questions. How can I explore this place more deeply? What about this subject is worth a deeper exploration? Where can I go to explore this person, place, or thing? What would an explorer do today? This will be an adventure, guys! I hope you will join me.

Have you already chosen your word for the year? If so, tell us! What is it? Leave it in the comments below and maybe let us know why you chose it or what you hope to gain from it. We love to hear from you!

Wishing you great love, mad success, deep peace, meaningful moments, and purpose in the year ahead!


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My Word of the Year is EXPLORE

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