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November Thirty Day’s of Gratitude Challenge – Day Seven

November Thirty Day’s of Gratitude Challenge – Christmas Movies

Join Me For A Month of Being Thankful

Our thirty days of thankful is flying by! We have been spending time every day to pause and focus on our blessings as part of this year’s Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge. T and I are keeping a Gratitude Jar and I am also sharing daily Gratitude Journal Entries here on the blog. And you are invited. Please join us. Science has proven over and over again how beneficial gratitude is. And you can achieve really positive results with little effort.

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Thirty Days of Thankful Day Seven

For Day Seven of My Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge,  I am calling out Christmas Movies.

Christmas Baby

Christmas Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I absolutely love everything Christmas. I came into this world just a few days before Christmas and arrived home to meet my sisters as a newborn in a Christmas stocking on Christmas day. So this love for Christmas was practically something I was born with.

It is a deep love, a complete love you might say. I love the smells of balsam fir, twinkling lights, Christmas Carols, gifts, and wrapping paper. I love Christmas cookies better than any other cookie, and I absolutely adore a mantel dripping with stockings. I love ornaments and wreaths and snowy days the best. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is the best time of the year

My Great Love For Christmas Movies

And so, even though it’s early, I have already started watching my Christmas Movies. I do it every year. Usually, I barely make it into October. And if I am bummed out at all, even in July, I’ll turn one on. Please don’t judge me. We all have our things.

The wonderful thing about Christmas movies is that they contain all of my favorite things listed above plus they are even better if you add hot cocoa. I can count on Christmas trees being present and gift-giving taking place, and Christmas songs, and people doing the right thing in the end.

The only drawback to Christmas movies is that once you become an expert like me, you notice that Christmas movies are also a bit… predictable. Let’s go with predictable. And some times, the actors are a bit… cheesy. And I admit, I don’t have a big problem with either of those things. But for me, a truly great Christmas movie can contain both an amazing plot with unexpected turns and wonderful actors. Or, you can’t go wrong with an original.

Christmas Tree

The Best Christmas Movies EVER!

I still love Miracle On 34th Street, It’s A Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Carol in black and white the way they were meant to be viewed the very best. But it’s not Christmas if I haven’t watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Mickey’s once Upon A Christmas and Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas. Then again, I also have to see Gremlins. And what about The Christmas Project, that’s a must too. Not to mention Home Alone, Polar Express, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. And what about Prancer, you really need to watch Prancer if it’s Christmas time. Oh yeah, another oldie but a goodie is White Christmas. And the Grinch, in any version. No wonder I have to start in October!

There are too many to mention here so I have put together another post for you to bookmark with all of the greatest Christmas movies. My version so you always have an expert opinion handy 🙂

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Share it with me in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. And thank you for being part of this Gratitude Journey with me. I hope you are having plenty of opportunities to count your blessings too. It’s nice to take a moment and think about what’s right for a change, isn’t it?

Be blessed,


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