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November Thirty Day’s of Gratitude Challenge – Day Six

Grateful for Creativity -Gratitude Challenge – Day Six

Join Me For A Month of Being Thankful

I can’t believe we are almost a week into this Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge already. I am feeling really good about it. T and I also continue to fill our Gratitude Jar and we both look forward to the time we make to focus on our blessings. Honestly, this tradition makes for the best start to our day. If you haven’t started your Gratitude Challenge yet, it’s not too late. Join us now. It doesn’t take very much time and it is always time well spent. Today we are thankful for creativity.

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Thankful Challenge Day Six

For Day Six of My Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge,  I am calling out Creativity.

As for my loyal, and beloved readers, you already know that I always pick a word of the year and once I have it, I fully embrace it. But if you are new here, first – welcome and thanks for being here! I would like to invite you to become one of my beloved readers right now!  (But to catch up on my whole word of the year adventures, you can check out this post right here.)

My Word of the Year is Creative

This year I chose the word Creative and it has been the most transforming experience. I have learned how to paint watercolor and acrylic. I have also studied new techniques that allow for more storytelling and creativity in my photography. I have started writing a book and a writing group. I have been more creative in the kitchen. I have even allowed this word of the year to inspire my wardrobe. Also, I have taken on a Volunteer Opportunity working with some truly great little artists in Art Lab at one of the local elementary schools that is precious to me. I love those kids, you guys! LOVE! Sweet little artists.

I am grateful for every second of this adventure. And I am creating things I would have sworn I was incapable of just last year. Which is very cool, but not the very best component of this whole experience.

Some of my art Geez Gwen

What has been the most revealing part of this particular journey, is that I have discovered how powerful art is. There is genuine healing to be found in creation. I am the most relaxed you will ever find me, with a brush in my hand and I had absolutely no idea that this was within me. Now, I just can’t wait to see what else I can do. And I also can’t wait to see what everyone else can do.

Art Is Powerful

Everyone I see, I see as an artist. Just most of them don’t know it. I genuinely feel like God has placed these creative talents inside of each of us and so many of us never even know they are there. Maybe someone told us when we were young that we were no artist and we believed them. Maybe we tried to sketch something and it didn’t satisfy us so instead of digging deeper or trying harder, we walked away defeated. How sad. Perhaps we wrote a poem that someone laughed at or criticized and so we set down our pencil and left it. Maybe we sewed an apple pillow that everyone thought was a strawberry and so we decided we were no good at that. (True story – right here!)

Nevermind the reason we originally stuffed our eager, excited artist down deep inside and told it to hush. It’s time to let him or her out. I encourage you to take some time to discover your gifts. What talent have you been carrying inside that is only lying dormant? You know, just anxiously awaiting permission to bring you some peace and a new form of expression and to show how awesome you are!

Start wondering? Start coloring. Grab a paintbrush or a pen. Maybe clay is your thing. Culinary art? Home interior design? Photography? Or are you a poet? Is there a best seller within you? Have you tried pouring paint? Can you crochet? Ever made a quilt? Tried your hand at wood carving? Perhaps there is an inner makeup artist that just wants a chance to show what he or she can do. Maybe you can really dance? Or you’re a songwriter? Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument? Or sing? Ask yourself, how can I be creative? And then dig in. Make a commitment to yourself to find a gift within yourself that you love. They are in there…

As I have watched my stick figures grow some detail I have been in a sort of awe. As my painting techniques have grown smoother and more me, I have been amazed to discover I have a style all my own. I’m just rather stunned. And rather pleased. It’s a great feeling, to make something that wasn’t there before.

There is a great quote from Maya Fiennes that says, “We all are creative beings.” How very true that is. The creativity inside of us is meant to be expressed and there are so many forms it can be released as.

I have discovered that I love drawing and painting more than anything and I have also found that it really relaxes me. It’s almost like meditation. It’s a deep calm, the most lovely peace. I want you to know that feeling too and to have access to a method where you can reach for it whenever you need it. Or want it. I hope you take the time to find it. I really, really do.

Let me go back to my Art Lab kids and tell you what they have taught me. You all just wouldn’t believe how kind they are to one another. I am always hearing them encourage one another. There is so much talk of how great this or that looks or how cool that particular color they mixed is, or how they love the way someone chose to place this or that. They don’t judge each others’ work ever. They just look to it to find what they love about it and then they tell one another.

They, these precious little artists, are the most beautiful part of Art Class. With all of their compassionate acceptance, encouraging words, sweet smiles, and generous sharing of paint and glue. And they never wonder if they can paint or draw or build or create. They know they can. They dive right in and see what happens. We sure can learn a lot from them, if we are just willing to give our creativity a try.

Be blessed,


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