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November’s Thirty Days Of Gratitude Challenge – Day One

November’s Thirty Days Of Gratitude Challenge

Join Me For A Month of Being Thankful

It’s finally November. The season’s of gratitude and giving are just around the bend. And The Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge has begun. I love this time of year. People think about each other more. They extend their time, energy, and efforts to see that their loved ones know that they are loved and appreciated. They even take care of complete strangers with an eagerness I wish could last all year through. And they gather. The gathering together of families, friends, and communities is some of the best time a person can spend. Especially when there is really great food involved. 🙂 But you need not have food or even a big, beautiful Christmas tree sparkling in the background to find reasons to be thankful for this season. (Though those things don’t hurt!)

For me, it’s often the little moments. You know, the unexpected blessings that we hold the closest when things have gotten the hardest. Those precious unearned treasures, that can light us up when we find ourselves alone in the darkness. It’s not necessarily the moments we worked for or the dreams we struggled and sacrificed to achieve, but instead the gifts we were given. The things we know we did not earn and suspect we maybe never even deserved. Those become our most precious treasures. And they can light us from within when we focus on them as reasons to be grateful. So lets focus.

It is in honor of the little serendipitous moments that I am dedicating my personal thirty days of thankful. 

And I hope you will join me.

Every year we make a gratitude jar or make a gratitude journal, and those things are precious to us as a family. This year, I am going to share these treasures with you too. I’m going to do my very best to share one thing every day this month that I am truly grateful for. And I would love to have you join me. Drop a line in the comments section on a post and share what you found to be grateful for that day or visit my Facebook Page and share something there. I will read each and every one of them. We can celebrate what’s right in our worlds, together. I am inviting you. Please join me.

Unexpected Blessings

Day One of My Thirty Days Of Gratitude Challenge

I am thankful for this little blog. Geez, Gwen was started because I suddenly found myself homeschooling. I was completely freaking out about the whole thing. Education is a huge deal to me and the idea of being responsible for my sons’ education was absolutely terrifying. I didn’t think I could do it. But I knew I had to try.

He was drowning in public school and it was changing him in the worst ways. He was anxious and sad, and his self-esteem was plummeting. I began homeschooling from a place of total desperation. I expected it to be a short term solution while we figured out what else could be done. Six years later we only wish we had started sooner and can’t imagine a life without school choice. Homeschooling turned out to be the biggest blessing for our family. The greatest advantage for our son. The best adventure we have ever been on. And we are so grateful for the opportunity.

But besides all of the amazing lifestyle changes we have been afforded as homeschoolers, this little blog was also born out of that opportunity. An unexpected gift indeed. I just wanted to let other moms like me know what I had found that was actually working, and also be honest about what wasn’t working. And so this community began.

When I look back to my first blog posts I have to smile. I wasn’t following any of the rules. My images were horrible. I didn’t even know what a DSLR camera was yet. And I had no idea about SEO or keyword planning or audience measurements and I didn’t care. I was simply and solely telling my story. It wasn’t pretty, but it was real.  My first posts weren’t at all well done. But they were raw and honest.

You can read my very first post here – How it all began

So, suddenly there I was not a homeschooling Mom and not a blogger, doing both. And it was a ride, y’all. A panicked freefall at the beginning, but eventually we found our wings and learned to enjoy the view while we soared.

And then I met you. Some of the most amazing people in my life have been delivered as a result of this blog. As time went on I expanded my blog to more of a lifestyle blog and I started sharing more and more of myself.  Soon my readers became my friends and returned the favor by sharing themselves with me. And what a gift. More unexpected treasures.

So for today, day one of the Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge, I am calling out this blog, her beloved readers, and homeschooling itself as my reasons to be grateful. And you are right there on that list. Thank you for stopping by, for sharing in my journey, and for being present. You are loved and appreciated. Thank You!


Be blessed,


This post is part of the Homeschool Success Hacks Blog Hop: 2019 Gratitude Challenge! Several bloggers are taking time every day to count their blessings in an effort to hold tight to what the holidays really mean. Join us right here!


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Looking for some inspiration for your own 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. Check out this list. It’s also available in a printable PDF version in my shop. 
30 Days of Thankful Prompt List

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