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November’s Thirty Days of Gratitude – Day Three

November’s Thirty Days Of Gratitude Challenge – Day Three

Join Me For A Month of Being Thankful

We are enjoying Thirty Days of Thankful over here right now. T and I have been filling our Gratitude Jar like nobodies business. And I have been spilling it all about the things I am most grateful for in this online Gratitude Journal. It’s a bit more personal than most of what I share here but I wanted to get real with you. You can check out Day One and Day Two if you like. I’d love to have you join me on this Thirty Days of Gratitude journey. All you need is some paper and a pen and a moment. Science has proven that this kind of activity can and does change you in the loveliest ways. And I for one, would love to know you are happier and more peaceful than average. Why not give it a try?

Thirty Days of Gratitude Day Three

So today, for Day Three of My Thirty Days of Gratitude I am calling out my son, T. I am grateful beyond words that I have been chosen to be his Mom.

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 Thirty Days of Gratitude Day Three My Son

This guy right here. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for T. First of all, they said he would never happen. There was absolutely no chance I could have a baby. And for ten long years, they appeared to be right. But divine intervention happened. It really does happen. And here he is. And he’s awesome! Totally worth the wait.

He is a guy that follows his own path. He isn’t concerned with what society deems correct. He has a solid core and moral compass that he uses to navigate his way through his days. He has a great love for God’s creation. He can’t stand to see anything wasted. He prays daily for the protection of animals that are in danger of extinction. He loves lemurs. He hates shoes and is almost always barefoot. He grows peppers and herbs and keeps them alive all winter long. Soccer is his sport. He is an amazing chef. AMAZING! He is creative. He sketches a lot and he loves to write. He loves nature. He is happiest at the seashore, deep in a forest, or at the top of a mountain.

Hiking with T at the top of Roan Mountain

He knows more about World History than anyone I have ever encountered and that includes my college Professors. He is crazy smart. T is also so funny. He is the life of a party and the center of attention without trying. He loves all the way. He is the best friend a Mom could ever imagine finding.

He loves adventure. He can often be found in the top of trees. He has eyes that are two different colors. One green and one blue. They are beautiful. His favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo. His second favorite chef is Matty Matheson. His very favorite chef is his Auntie Allison pictured below. His favorite color is green and always has been.

Cooking Class with Allison

He is a health nut. He is very careful about what he puts into his body. He knows more about nutrients, vitamins, and metabolism that I will ever know.

His hair is naturally curly. He has a dimple. And he grew almost six inches last year. He is a hard-working young man. He volunteers all the time and he never picks the easy jobs. He works like a full-grown man and he has since he was very little. He has a lot of compassion. If he sees a problem, he finds a way to be part of the solution. He is my hero.

I could go on and on. I have. It’s all over my blog, how much I adore this guy. But I will close for today with this, he is a Man of God. His faith is solid. He is a boy who prays. A prayer warrior. And every single day since I met him, I have been thanking God for him. Seriously, so worth the wait!

If you are reading this today and you have a child, you know how that type of love isn’t something that can be put into words. Not in its entirety. It is so powerful. Nothing will ever change you so much as becoming a parent. If you have not met yours yet and maybe they are telling you too that there is no chance let me just say this, divine intervention happens. Pray. And also remember that God doesn’t always deliver through the womb, but He always delivers. Keep your eyes and heart open.


Be blessed,


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Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge Mother and Son


Are you just joining us? Catch up on our 30 Days of Gratitude

Day One – I am grateful for this homeschooling, this blog, and YOU.

It’s finally November. The season’s of gratitude and giving are just around the bend. And The Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge has begun. I love this time of year. People think about each other more. They extend their time, energy, and efforts to see that their loved ones know that they are loved and appreciated. They even take care of complete strangers with an eagerness I wish could last all year through. And they gather. The gathering together of families, friends, and communities is some of the best time a person can spend. Especially when there is really great food involved. ? But you need not have food or even a big, beautiful Christmas tree sparkling in the background to find reasons to be thankful for this season. (Though those things don’t hurt!)

For me, it’s often the little moments. You know, the unexpected blessings that we hold the closest when things have gotten the hardest. Those precious unearned treasures, that can light us up when we find ourselves alone in the darkness. It’s not necessarily the moments we worked for or the dreams we struggled and sacrificed to achieve, but instead the gifts we were given. The things we know we did not earn and suspect we maybe never even deserved. Those become our most precious treasures. And they can light us from within when we focus on them as reasons to be grateful. So lets focus.

30 Days of Thankful Challenge Day Two

30 Days of Gratitude Day Two – My Husband

Today is Day Two of my Thirty Days of Gratitude Challenge. I’m trying to stay with a theme this year of unexpected gifts that I am grateful for. Day Two and Day Three are my very favorite unexpected gifts. Both represent a gift I thought I would never have. Both represent a dream I had given up on that came true all the same. Both are constantly surprising me with a love so great I have no words to properly express it. And both were given to me by God Himself. My greatest blessings.


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