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Picnic Ideas – Simple Picnic Food for Every Occasion

Everyone loves a good picnic! Here we have gathered picnic ideas for every occasion. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor picnic, a family picnic or a romantic picnic, a beach picnic, or a party picnic, we have got it covered. Check out all of our favorite picnic ideas below!

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Picnic Food for Every Occasion

Picnic Ideas
Picnic Ideas

Picnic Ideas

Mojito Watermelon – This simple recipe from Country Living is a great way to step up your watermelon game. A little lime, some salt and pepper, a touch of sugar and you have everyone asking for just one more piece.

Grape Salad – This Grape Salad from is my favorite version of this popular recipe. It’s refreshing, sweet, and crunchy thanks to the addition of the pecans. (hint- we add a bit of sliced pineapple to ours.)

Mini Crescent Dogs from Pillsbury – These fun little sausage bites are tasty, easy to eat, and simple to make!

Sausage and Cheese Balls – Speaking of sausage, these sausage balls from Betty Crocker are a great finger food to add to any picnic!

Classic Italian Sub – This sub from Boars Head is a great option for any picnic. Make them big and then cut off slices sized appropriately for all family members.

Classic Southern Fried Chicken – A really great picnic includes a basket of Fried Chicken. I like this Classic Southern Fried Chicken recipe from Spruce Eats because it’s simple. T’s favorite fried chicken recipe requires a bit more work but is really incredible too. For fried chicken with a kick try Matty Matheson’s super-crispy fried chicken. (Language warning if you watch the video tutorial.)

Picnic Ham – Next to a basket loaded with fried chicken, a good picnic ham is the next most traditional picnic fare I can think of. This recipe from Key Ingredient keeps it simple and delivers delicious! It’s great sliced but I’d throw in a loaf of bakery bread so you can serve it as sandwiches too.

Romantic Picnic Ideas

Grape Fontine Rosemary Skewers – This recipe from Rainbow Delicious is perfect for a picnic. The cheese is marinated in balsamic vinegar, rosemary, and pepper flakes. An impressive and simple addition to any romantic picnic.

Mini Mixed Mushroom, Pea, & Gruyere Picnic Pies – These Picnic Pies from Feast In Thyme are delicate and delicious!

Lemon Roasted Chicken Salad Wrap – This wrap from Jeff Mauro and featured on is delicious! The additions of walnuts, cranberries, veggies, and herbs set it apart from your standard sandwich.

Turkey, Apple, and Brie Sandwich – I love apples, Brie, and fig jam on a sandwich. But these Turkey, Apple, and Brie Sandwiches from Punchfork are so good they would be a perfect fit in your romantic picnic basket. They should be served warm so wrap them well before you pack them. And if you want to sub the hot pepper jelly for fig jam then we can be twins! But they are good either way.

Wine and a charcuterie board! – Bring a bottle of your favorite wines and cheeses and then decide on a theme for a charcuterie board. Simple add deli meats, olives, fruits, chocolates, bread, or a combination of them all and you will have a simple picnic charcuterie board in no time at all.

Things You Should Pack for Every Picnic

A picnic basket or cooler.

A blanket or a tablecloth.

Plates and utensils.

Drinks and glasses.

Corkscrew if you’re bringing wine.

Wipes or napkins.


Food covers.

So there you have it! Time to schedule your picnic and send the invites. If you have a great picnic idea or recipe share it in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!


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