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12 Printable Quotes To Encourage The Explorer In You


12 Printable Quotes to Inspire The Explorer In You!

Four Quotes Per Page


12 Printable Quotes To Encourage The Explorer In You


My word of the year is EXPLORE! Every time I choose a new word of the year I also collect inspiring quotes containing my word that will keep me on target. I like to tuck these all over my world. One in my wallet, one on the inside of my medicine cabinet, one under the visor in my car. And then still another peeking from the pages of my go-to cookbook. I also use them as bookmarks in my textbooks and library books. I put them inside my jacket pockets too. These inspiring quotes are also often displayed on the whiteboard in my classroom and handwritten into any blank spaces I can find in my planner. I sprinkle them all around me so that I am sure to encounter as much encouragement as possible. These quotes keep me on track and remind me that I have committed to a word and all that it can teach me.

12 Printable Quotes To Encourage The Explorer In You

You don’t have to, but I always print mine on 90 lb paper.

Remember to choose “actual size” in your printer settings instead of fit to page. ?

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