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Family Time Capsule Project Workbook


Family Time Capsule Project – Guided Workbook


Family Time Capsule Project Workbook

Gather your family together for some quality time and get to know each other even better as you embark on the family time capsule project! Together you can accurately capture this moment in your family’s history. Decide what items tell your story best. Have each family member fill out a paper all about themselves. Then write letters to each other, your future self, and future family members. Record current events and the most popular trends. Spend some time crafting your favorite family stories. Record your favorite local places and hope they are still thriving when the capsule is opened decades from now. Then carefully tuck everything into your chosen time capsule and set a date for the reopening! Let’s get started.

Family Time Capsule Workbook Includes:

  • Suggested items to include in your Family Time Capsule
  • List of who is responsible for gathering which chosen items.
  • Simple Family Tree
  • I AM Worksheet for children
  • I AM Worksheet for adults
  • Letter to my future self.
  • Letter to my family member.
  • Letter to a future family member.
  • My Favorite Family Story Is
  • The Best of The Best Worksheet
  • Our Favorite Local Places List
  • Current Events
  • Final Decisions. To Dig or To Store?
  • To Be Opened When Sheet
  • Save The Date Cards

See the full post about Creating A Family Time Capsule!

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