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Fun Printable Bridal Shower Games


Three fun games to make sure your Bridal Shower is fun for everyone!


Fun Printable Bridal Shower Games

It’s Not A Party Without Fun and Games

Three fun bridal shower games are ready for download now. These are the very same ones we used at our most recent bridal shower and we had a blast!


Bridal Shower Games


Printable Bridal Shower Game Set Includes:

A-Z Wedding Game

The first game is A-Z Wedding. Each guest must write down as many wedding-related words as they can starting with each letter of the alphabet. For example, a for arrangements, b for bride, c for ceremony… You see how this works. Give guests three minutes to come up with as many as they can. At the end go through the alphabet and have guests call out their answers. Whoever has the most at the end wins.

Literary Love Game

Connect the love matches from great books such as Harry Potter, Divergent, and The Hunger Games. Whoever has the most correct matches wins.

Wedding Pictionary

Print out the lists and cut out each wedding-related term. Roll them up and put in a wine glass or other themed container. Use a large pad of paper or a whiteboard and let them play. Each guest earns one point for a correct guess!

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Printable Bridal Shower Games



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