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Hatchet Worksheet Series


Hatchet Worksheet Series

Includes: Hatchet Book Review – Hatchet Letter Writing Exercise – Hatchet Writing Prompt & Hatchet Quote Printable


Hatchet Worksheet Series

Hatchet Book Report, Letter Writing Exercise, Writing Prompt & Quote

Hatchet is a story about a young man who survives a plane crash only to find himself lost and alone in the Canadian wilderness. This book is a page-turner for sure. At only thirteen years old, Brian is forced to figure out how to provide shelter, make a fire, find food, and defend himself all with only the help of a simple hatchet. Brian encounters bloodthirsty mosquitoes, viscous porcupine, hungry bear, giant wolves, and an insane moose as he endures.

Hatchet Worksheet Series

Supplemental Hatchet Worksheets

While T was reading Hatchet I made some worksheets to supplement his reading and make sure I had a way to measure his retention.

Hatchet Worksheet Printables


  • I created the Hatchet Writing Prompt Worksheet which asks the student to choose from three locations and then write a piece about how they would survive in that environment.
  • I also created a Hatchet Letter Writing Assignment which asks the student to write a letter to Brian after he misses his chance at setting his signal fire the first time a plane comes around. It is a letter of encouragement.
  • Also, I made a Hatchet Book Review. I have him do a book review on everything he reads.
  • The Hatchet Quote Printable features the reminder that Brian’s English teacher, Mr. Perpich had taught him – Stay positive and stay on top of things. These words kept him going. This is great to feature in the classroom and can be printed and framed as an 8 x 10.


Hatchet Quote Printable

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