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My Book Of Poetry – 21 Page Printable Workbook


My Book Of Poetry – 21 Page Printable Workbook


My Book Of Poetry – 21 Page Printable Workbook

This poetry workbook encourages both middle and high school students to dive into the world of poetry.

My Book of Poetry is a 21-page journey through the powerful art of poetry. Students will be introduced to some of the most well-known poets of all time as they read works from Shakespeare, Emerson, Dickinson, Frost, Kipling, Angelou, and more. The vocabulary that makes up poetry will be discussed as students unravel the difference between a narrative poem, a dramatic poem, and a pantoum as well as a couplet, a tercet, and a quatrain. Then, students will be introduced to multiple forms of poetry. From acrostic to ekphrastic to free verse to Haiku and beyond, students will learn about the many ways poetry is used to express emotions or tell powerful stories.

Finally, students will be guided through the creation of their own poetry. Worksheets help them brainstorm and organize their thoughts as they work their way through the creation of eight personal poems, each in its own unique format. The workbook closes with a wrap-up worksheet and one final assignment just for fun! My Book of Poetry will be one piece of curriculum that students will want to save and share long after the school year has ended.

Beautifully designed and ready to download and print now!

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Printable Poetry Workbook for students

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