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Spring Bucket List Printable


Spring Bucket List Printable

Homeschool Worksheet


Spring Bucket List Printable

This fun worksheet invites students to think about all the ways they want to see, taste, and do this Spring. They will brainstorm the flavors, locations, and activities they are most looking forward to and in the end, have a Spring Bucket List that will inspire them all season long.

I LOVE Spring! This winter was too long and far too cold. I am so ready to see buds on my trees, and green sprigs of grass leaping above the ground triumphantly, and flowers blooming, and the sun after five pm.

But it is taking forever this year!

So, I made us a Spring Bucket List. On this list, we are going to put all of the wonderful things we want to do when Spring really, truly, genuinely, arrives! Things like taking a picnic up to the lake, hiking up a mountain, having everyone over to grill and have a bonfire, planting our garden…

Flip flops.

Tall glasses of peach tea on the patio with a book.

Warm weather and longer and longer days.

This makes a great Spring Assignment for Our Students

We do seasonal bucket lists for every season. This makes for a fun Spring classroom assignment. We then hang them up next to our desk and check them off as we complete each one.

It keeps us inspired for the season. It keeps us on track and it helps us to take advantage of all the season has to offer!

Get yours now!

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Spring Bucket List Free Worksheet


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