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Ten Page Printable Inspirational Feather Journal


Printable Feather Journal With Inspirational Writing Prompts

Download and Print Yours Today



Ten Page Printable Inspirational Feather Journal

Journal With Writing Prompts

This beautifully designed printable feather journal is ready to print and begin now. This journal encourages focus on ways we can all live a better life. It is also a great addition to your homeschool curriculum.

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Printable Journal includes the following writing prompts:

  • What are three small things I could do for myself this week, not because I earned them or even deserve them but just because I want to be kind to myself?
  • What was the last thing that made me cry from sadness, and what was the last thing that made me cry out of happiness? How do I feel after I have a long cry?
  • What is a goal I could set that would improve the quality of my life? Here is a list of five ways I can get closer to my goal. What would I gain by achieving this goal?
  • What could I create? Could I bake something, paint something, draw something, write something, sew something, make up a dance or a song? What could I create this week?
  • People have been kind to me. Here are the last three kind things someone did for me that stuck with me. And here are the last three things I did to be kind to others.
  • How can I pay it forward? What act of kindness should I express to someone tomorrow? List three people and three examples of random acts of kindness I can share with them.
  • What is one of the happiest places I have ever been to? What made it special? Where could I plan to visit that would make me happy now? What would it take to make that visit happen?
  • Who is someone who inspires me to be my best self? Why? Who may I have had an influence on and inspired to be their best self and how did I do it?
  • What causes really touch my heart? Hunger, homelessness, victims of domestic abuse, the animal shelter? Decide on one cause I would like to work with and make a list of pros and cons to dedicating one hour a month to my cause. Where might this lead me?
  • In what ways could I help myself have more energy? Working out, sleeping better, eating better, vitamins? Make myself a list and make a plan.

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