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Twenty Five Fall Writing Prompts


25 Fall-Themed Writing Prompts

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Twenty Five Fall Writing Prompts

Autumn-themed writing prompts

This list of fall writing prompts is perfect for use in the classroom or for personal journaling. There is a printable list to hand out in class or tuck in your journal. I am also including the card version for classroom or family use. With these fall writing prompts cards, everyone can draw one or be assigned one until you get through the deck. They are also fun rolled up and tied with orange ribbon to be selected from a bowl, or lamented and stacked like a deck in your writing center. However you use them, they are a great addition to the writing process.

25 fall-themed writing prompts for personal journaling or use in a homeschool or classroom.

Fall Writing Prompts for Classroom
Page 3 of the Writing Prompt Cards

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