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Quote of the Week – Nelson Mandela

Quote of the Week

Our weekly quote for our homeschool to focus on!

Every week we choose one quote as our focus. This week as we place the  center of our attention on how to overcome our desires to quit, this quote from Nelson Mandela hits home.

[su_quote]May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”              ~Nelson Mandela[/su_quote]

Often we bow out because of a fear of failure. Now there is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If we are basing our choices on our worries or concerns we are closing doors of opportunity for all the wrong reasons. Often as we slam the door on fear we end up shutting out our greatest opportunities for success or happiness. Usually on nothing more than a fear which has erupted from our imagination, not reason.

I can’t remember who said it but I do remember reading this.

[su_quote]”A great imagination is wasted on worry.”[/su_quote]

The bottom line is that most of the things we worry about never come to pass. What a shame to miss out on some grand success or great love over nothing.

Instead, we can live a life where we choose to make our choices based on our hopes.

As T and I discussed this yesterday we talked about the Mars Mission first. We both love to study the universe. After all, check out some of the amazing things Hubble has shown us out there! T and I, we stand in awe.

Check out this post –  Space Week Game Plan which includes how we got our names on Mars. Yup, for real.

But, as I was telling you, yesterday we talked about the what if’s. What if the people at NASA had decided that they were afraid of what they may find in outer space and decided not to go? What if all of the astronauts had decided they were too scared to risk the flight? What if they had based their choices on their fears? Instead, NASA and all of its people decided to make choices based on their hopes. What if we could land on the moon? What if we could land a robot on an asteroid? What if we could send people to Mars? 

T is a car guy so we also discussed this. What if Henry Ford, discouraged after so much failure, had been too scared to try again? If he had made his choices based on fear, he would not be the household name he became. He could have quit but he wouldn’t. Now, he is known for his massive success which persists today!

There are countless examples to discuss!  Check out this post Teaching Students Not To Quit for more.

Our quote last week, which I forgot to share 🙁  (sorry) was from Walt Disney and it applies as well.

[su_quote]”The difference between winning and losing is most often, not quitting.”          ~Walt Disney[/su_quote]

Walt Disney Quote
Walt Disney Quote

*Please note that while we have our discussions on not quitting, we are also including discussions on common sense, setting wise goals and practicing safety as well.*

If you have a great quote to contribute or a comment of any form, please know that you are welcome in the comments section below. We love to hear from you. Be blessed!

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