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Quote of the Week Albert Einstein

Quote of the Week by Albert Einstein

One Quote A Week for Student Focus.

This is the perfect quote for our own homeschool. We live this quote. If you follow us you know that T has ADHD and focus can be elusive. We have discovered that hands-on learning in motion is the best kind for T.

[su_quote]The only source of knowledge is experience.     -Albert Einstein[/su_quote]

So, in our homeschool, we learn more through experience than through any other method. We explore the world. We dig in. While we have a regular curriculum we follow just like public schools we are constantly adding to those textbook lessons. We create. We build. We experiment. We try to bring each and every lesson to life in some way. We are unafraid and unhindered by a strict schedule and so we often travel to learn even more. We seek out experts. Those who can teach a lesson with true passion are priceless. We love to find them!

We experience and so we learn. We never ask our imagination to hush while we study. Instead, it is invited and celebrated. We do not believe in memorizing for the sake of a test. We learn so that we know. So that we truly understand this world as it is. Through History, Science, Math and English, we find answers in so many forms. We learn with all of our senses and from so many different teachers we meet along the way. It is a blessing. God is good!

I love this quote where Jack Hanna agrees with Mr. Einstein.

[su_quote]The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes.      – Jack Hanna[/su_quote]

I am grateful every day for this little boy who taught me how to learn and how to teach! He has opened my eyes to his own wonder. His curiosity has proved itself contagious. In the beginning, I thought we would be still and learn. After three years of teaching T, I don’t want to sit still either. There is this world out there after all, and no classroom can match what it has to offer!




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