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Quote of the Week – Mark Twain

Quote of the Week – Mark Twain

Every week we choose one quote to focus on. This Mark Twain quote seemed the perfect fit for us.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”     ~Mark Twain

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when life gets busy. I have certainly been guilty of it myself. To help T stay focused on his goals through October I thought this Mark Twain quote would provide the perfect inspiration. He begins his swim team twice a week next month and he already has his Youth Group every Wednesday. His Service Project this month is to volunteer some time at the local animal shelter and he has a field trip to Biltmore. Add all that to his studies and his own personal interests and things can get a bit crazy.

To help T handle these changes as we come out of a lazy summer we will be focusing on this simple rule, if we can just get started on a task we can get it finished.

[su_quote]We need to take each task one at a time and live moment and moment. And enjoy them.[/su_quote]

T has ADHD which can make it really hard for him to concentrate and stay focused. Sometimes completing a task can seem like a monumental obstacle. There are some great suggestions I have gone over in this article from psychcentral. Little tips and tricks like those provided here can help me help him get things done.

This is a video that T actually showed me. He was moved by it. He was inspired by it. So I saved it and I think watching it together as we discuss the months ahead may put him in the right mindset.

I love how it encourages him to look at every challenge as an opportunity and not as an obligation and to get excited about the opportunities in his life. The opportunities to learn, to swim and compete, to attend a Youth Group where he is surrounded by people who love him and want to help in any way they can. It is exciting and it is a blessing to be offered so may opportunities.

So we will be beginning this week with a Mark Twain quote about taking that first step. We will follow that through with a lesson on how to appreciate each footfall on our journey and then we will dig in and have some fun while we are at it.

Wishing everyone a successful week!

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Be blessed – Gwen


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