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Quote of the Week by Maya Angelou

Quote of the Week by Maya Angelou

“If you are always trying to be normal you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou

This week we choose a quote from Maya Angelou. We have recently been focused on how to be ourselves without conforming to what society or the media says we should be. This one goes along with that theme beautifully.

Our family believes that each one of us was created unique, with our own personal purpose. We all have our own unique set of likes and dislikes. We all excel in different areas and are fascinated by different parts or ways of the world. We all have our own sense of style. We like different music and varying tastes and smells. We all have a different favorite color in this household. And that’s cool!

Denying our interests or beliefs because we think they stray too far from the norm, can rob us of a part of our identity and close doors that may have led us directly to our hearts content. Instead, we recognize these differences as reasons to celebrate one another and opportunities to learn from one another.

So with this Maya Angelou quote, we are again encouraged to discover how awesome we can be simply by being ourselves. We recognize that being different is just a side effect of being awesome. It takes courage to be your true self. Be brave. Be yourself. You’re awesome!

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