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Quote of the Week By Robert Byrne

Quote of the Week By Robert Byrne

A weekly quote to keep us focused.

This week’s quote from Robert Byrne, says so much.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

Purpose matters, as Robert Byrne reminds us. This is a theme that is consistent in our homeschool. One of our goals as a homeschool family is to be sure that T receives an education of the heart as a well as the mind. Finding your purpose is a place where both the heart and mind merge.


Robert Byrne’s quote is a great follow up to last weeks lesson. We completed the Random Acts of Kindness Being Kind To Ourselves Lesson Plan and it was great. We recommend it. We have now moved on to How To Achieve Success. See last week’s quote post for more on that.

Over the last few years, I have seen too many stories which highlighted suffering as a result of mental health issues. I have realized that teaching T to take care of his own mental health as well as his physical and spiritual health needed to be an important part of our day. Living a life with meaning and purpose goes a long way to a healthy mind and spirit.

We will be covering this great list of 7 Ways to Live Life With Purpose.

One of the best ways to experience inner peace and happiness is by reaching out to help others.Check out this article on Why Being Kind is Good For You. We practice Random Acts of Kindness often but as the summer approaches, we are looking to get involved in a new way. This will also be discussed this week.


This site, offers opportunities and inspiration galore!

We have been learning Character Development for the last few years and it has been wonderful. Now as he finishes the sixth grade we are trying to focus on how to stay positive, stay the course and lead a productive life. As the year draws to end I thought a lesson focused on purpose would be just the thing to lead us into summer. I hope he enjoys it and gains something valuable from experiencing it.


With a lot of time about to become available, I am looking forward to finding T a purpose he believes in and making it part of his summer. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome in the comments!  Please share!

Thank you for visiting our blog today! We hope you come back soon. Have a blessed day!



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