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Quote of the Week by Winston Churchill

Quote of the Week by Winston Churchill

Weekly Inspirational Quote

This week I chose a great quote from Winston Churchill.

[su_quote]“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill[/su_quote]

This week we learn from Winston Churchill through this famous quote. We focus a lot on kindness in our homeschool. I truly believe the world needs a lot of it and it is honestly so simple to give. I want to help T recognize that while our academic studies will lead to his paycheck one day, that his paycheck will only be a part of his life. His life will not be defined by what he gets but more importantly by what he chooses to give.Especially those things we give without any hope of return or compensation or fame. They are precious in a way that money can never match. Those are the things that make a good life. Those are hte things that result in a life well lived.

While working hard and being a good provider and contributor are important priorities that deserve our every effort, it is the things we do that feed light to the souls of ourselves, our family, friends, and acquaintances that will add up not to what we were but to who we were.

After discussing what he thinks Winston Churchill is saying in this famous quote, we will discuss the different things we can give such as our love, our time, our kindness, a gentle word, a smile, a lending hand, a prayer, an uplifting story, and so much more. And then there are also the big things. The doors that open before us that we sometimes choose not to look within. The opportunities God presents every day to make a big move, on faith, and really change things. We will talk about how we might walk around this world with our eyes open to the needs of our fellow man. And how we can honor God, by doing our best to brighten the path we travel.

As a follow up to this lesson based on Winston Churchill’s quote we have added a movie to our schedule. “Pay It Forward.” It goes with the theme.

We will also discuss some big ways we can change the world for the better. This will be my introduction for T’s summer plans. I have been researching some options and I will see how he feels about joining in.


Finally, I have downloaded the Lesson Plan on Being Kind to Yourself from Random Acts of Kindness and we will be working on this throughout the next two weeks as well.



We hope that you and your students are also inspired by this quote by Winston Churchill. We hope it is a blessing to you as you teach and as you learn! It already has been to me.

Thank you for visiting us today! Do you know of any organizations or projects that would be great to teach this important life lesson? If so, please don’t be shy! Share in the comments below. Or just say hi! We love those too!

Thank you for visiting our little blog today! We wish nothing but the best for you and yours. God bless!




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