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Random Act Of Kindness Idea Sharing Numbers 6 Prayer

Random Act Of Kindness Idea Sharing Numbers 6 Prayer

A Flower And A Word From God

T and I are big fans of random acts of kindness. We do a lot of them. We are super busy people so we try to do a lot of simple random acts of kindness like this one, sharing Numbers 6: 24-26 along with a rose. This is something we do as part of our grocery store trips. I print off and cut the verse from the sheet I am sharing below and keep these in my wallet. From there we just grab a rose or two on our way through the grocery store. We tuck in the verse and say a prayer asking God to lead us to someone who could use some extra love today. Then we discreetly drop the roses on the windshields of cars as we make our way to our own. We hurry so we will be gone by the time they find their gift and their message. We don’t want them looking for us when they find it, but instead looking up to the one it really comes from. It’s a simple way to spread some light.

Rose and Scripture Card

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It was on one of our first Grocery Store Random Acts of Kindness that T taught me a powerful lesson. Don’t you love it when you are trying to teach your child something and they come back with this massive revelation, opening your eyes? I am constantly learning from my son. I am so grateful to him.

Anyway, this day, we were doing this particular random act of kindness and I had actually bought seven single roses that day. We had tucked in the card with the scripture and we said a quick prayer while we stood beside the atm just inside the sliding doors asking God to guide us to those who were needing some love the most. And out the door, we went. The first car that drew my attention was one with a big crack in the windshield. The back tire was low. The paint was in rough shape. This car had been on the road a long, long time. I could relate to this driver. I remembered days when I had to pray before I started my car that it would start so I could get to work, so I could make sure T was taken care of. I needed that paycheck and every hour I could get on the clock. I saw myself in those difficult days when I saw this car. I dropped the rose, prayed the Lord would guide the owner toward peace, happiness, and success. T waited, still clutching his four roses.

I then saw a van full of the signs of children. Two car seats and a booster seat were inside. Toys and snack wrappers littered the floor. I dropped a rose with its message tucked inside. A parent was driving this car. A very busy parent. A parent who was likely very tired. I said a prayer asking for peace, strength to endure, and happiness to bless everyone that called the van theirs. And off I went. I looked at T, he was still clutching all four roses.

“Your turn?” I asked.

“Not yet. I’m not sure who needs these yet.” He replied looking from car to car.

I moved on a few rows when I spotted another car that had seen better days. Once again, I flashed back to the days when I was struggling the most and felt connected to this driver too. I dropped a rose. Said a prayer. And was officially out of roses. I turned to T.

“You got it figured out?” I asked him.

He shook his head and made a beeline for a giant, super-shiny, brand new Escalade. He was so little then I had to pick him up so he could drop the rose and its message onto the windshield. He closed his eyes and said a prayer.

He then went straight for an old-fashioned but deeply loved Belaire. This was one of those cars we were used to seeing at the car shows. It was gorgeous. Even the tires were shining. The paint was perfect. The chrome was like a mirror. T dropped a rose and said a prayer.

He moved on to another brand new car. This one was a sports car. It was freshly waxed and fully gorgeous as it shimmered in the late afternoon sun. T dropped the rose, bowed his head and went on.

This time he went to the Fed Ex truck that was parked just next to the doors. Once again I lifted him up. He dropped the rose, said a prayer and that was it for the roses. We quickly pushed our buggy to the car and were loading the groceries.

Rose and Scripture Card

Our game plan is to get this done and get out before we get caught. This was the last day I bought more than three roses because, after that, each one increases your chances of being seen. We’ve learned through trial and error.

This day, we were still there when the owner of the Escalade came out of the store and went to his car. I heard the sound of his horn as he unlocked it remotely and when I turned toward it I saw a young man, probably in his mid-thirties, wearing a suit and tie. He had shoes that were as shiny as his Escalade. He was obviously in a great hurry. He jumped in and started his car without spotting his gift. A second later his door flung open, he jumped out of the car and grabbed the rose and disappeared back inside it. I hurried to finish putting our groceries up and was rushing to put the cart away when I saw his door crack open. I tried to look everywhere else but at the Escalade and the driver. But I couldn’t help it. He was only about five feet from me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, step down and out of the Escalade. He looked around. I tried to look innocent and uninterested as I rushed back to my car.

I was about to make a clean getaway. I had backed up and was putting it in drive when I heard a peck on my window. I turned. He was standing there. Bending over to peer in the window. His eyed were watering. I rolled the window down. Still trying to look ignorant to the situation. I put on the curious face I had learned in interactive theater.

“Thank you.” He said. “You have no idea how bad I needed this.”

I didn’t know what to say. I had never been caught before. I looked at him, speechless. And then a sweet little boy voice arose from the back seat.

“God knew how bad you needed it,” T said.

He looked toward T and his watery eyes spilled over. A few tears fell down but he was smiling broader now.

“Thank you,” He said. I rolled down T’s window and they shook hands.

“Have a blessed day,” I said and we waved and drove away.

So that day we got caught. Six-year-old T had also just taught me a powerful lesson. You see, I had walked by that Escalade three times. Rushing. In a hurry. Stopping at cars that I could personally relate to. Seeing the need through the eyes of personal experience. My gifts were still coming from me. My intention was to follow God’s guidance and be lead by Him to the people that needed this expression of love the most. But I had lost my way. I was essentially giving these roses and these messages to people that I could personally relate to. T, he was really listening. And God was able to work through this little boy of ours who was standing there with the eyes of his heart wide open, allowing God to lead the way.

Printable Scripture Cards

We’ve changed up our strategy on this random act of kindness a bit as time has gone on. We go ahead and put our groceries in the car. Then from our car, we pray and scan the world around us from a quieter place, a more peaceful place, where we are more open and less rushed. And then once we have chosen we quickly get out and drop those roses with that message and only then rush to get back to our cars. We’ve been caught a few times since but only a few. But I will remember the first time the best. I don’t know the whole story. I don’t know what was happening with that man. But I do know that we were in the right place at the right time and it made a difference. And that’s all that matters anyway.

Random Acts of Kindness Prayer Cards

Numbers 6 Prayer Cards

Download the Scripture Cards Here

If you would like to share this random act of kindness you can download the scripture page here. Just print it, cut them into cards, and put them in your car for future grocery shipping trips. They come in handy in other situations too. But that’s another post.

Printable Scripture Cards

Be blessed!


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Random Acts of Kindness Idea

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