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Review of Just Jump Trampoline Park

Review of Just Jump Trampoline Park in Johnson City

A Family-Friendly Place to Play

We have a trampoline at home and T loves it! It gets more use than any other toy or game we own. When we heard that a new 22,000 square foot trampoline park called Just Jump had opened in Johnson City, we decided we would need to take him. After our first visit, we were hooked!



Here’s how it works. First things first, you have to fill out a waiver. Computers are set up near the entrance and the process is quick and easy or you can visit their site and fill it out online. Just Jump keeps these on file so you won’t need to do this each visit.

Then you select your jump time. Here is the cost breakdown for Summer Pricing:

1 hour = $10.00

1.5 hours = $15.00

2 hours = $18.00

(You do need trampoline grip socks which are $1.75 a pair as well)

*Homeschool Parents can take advantage of the School Day Discount! 1 hour for $5, 1.5 hours for $7.50 and 2 hours for $10. These rates are available Monday – Thursday, 1-3 pm when public schools are in session (so not on holidays or breaks). *

Group discounts and discounts for 6 and under are available. Click here to get the breakdown. For our first visit, we just jumped for an hour! He had plenty of time to enjoy all of the activities and he was worn out!


Here are the activities you will find at Just Jump:

  • Open Jump Space
  • Dodge Ball
  • Three Lane Air Bag Jump (T’s Favorite)
  • Gladiator Pit
  • Basketball Dunking Goals
  • Obstacle Course


The second time we went we joined our church group and T began a two hour jump! He had a ball! He never got bored and he was getting some serious exercise! What more could a parent ask for?

T prefers Just Jump to any other activity in Johnson City! This includes movies, hiking, disc golf, sporting events, etc. He says to sum it up in just one word, the word would be awesome! High praise!

Visit their site today to learn more or schedule your jump time! Your kids will thank you!



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  1. This trampoline park is awesome especially the rate is lucrative. Hopefully, I visited there last year. Thanks for share your experience.

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