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Our Roan Mountain Getaway to Fish Camp

Our Roan Mountain Getaway

Vacationing in Roan Mountain at Fish Camp

Mr. Wonderful and I just returned from three days tucked away in the beauty that is Roan Mountain. We rented the most charming little cabin to celebrate our anniversary. The atmosphere up there was so tranquil that we soon found ourselves unwilling to leave Fish Camp except for food and one quick trip way up the mountain. It was bliss, peaceful in every way, and just what we needed.

Roan Mountain View

The last few months have been stressful with my surgery and recovery. Mr. Wonderful has been especially exhausted as he has continued to work and take care of our home, myself, and our son. Our anniversary is something we always celebrate in a big way. This year we had considered another cruise but ultimately decided we didn’t want to travel far. Still, we needed more than ever to get away. Mr. Wonderful searched for a place close to home and discovered a quaint, two bedroom cabin sitting next to a clear creek with a great big fire pit less than forty minutes away. We booked it.

Fish Camp Sign

We have had our share of victories and disappointments when booking online. We have booked so many of the giant cabins in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge that I long ago lost count of how many. We have rented houses, condos, and even hotels along the coastline from Myrtle Beach down to The Florida Keys. Many of them have been amazing but none of them have ever delivered what Fish Camp had in abundance. The cozy feel of a home away from home.

Bridge to Fish Camp

When we arrived and crossed this adorable little bridge we smiled at each other, our hopes high. The cabin sat perched up on a hill. The front porch made of bark sheathed trees and the outdoor furniture created from driftwood.

Front Porch Fish Camp

Once inside we discovered a cabin that was clearly loved. It didn’t feel in any way like a rental. The owners, Richard and Martha, had clearly poured their love of nature into every nook and cranny of the space. The attention to detail was exceptional! From the copper, twig shaped silverware, to the embroidered pillows and towels, every inch had received careful attention.

As charming as it was inside, we were completely taken by the space outside! The fire pit nestled up next to the creek was our favorite spot and we hated to leave it at all. The sound of it washed over you and took away every last ounce of stress or built up tension you’d arrived with and left in its place a new you. Refreshed, restored, right down to your soul. It was hard to drag ourselves back inside. I finished two books sitting all cozy in this place and Mr. Wonderful enjoyed a few naps.

Fire Pit at Fish Camp

Even on the few occasions that it rained it was enchanting. It’s hard to describe and almost impossible to capture in an image so I will try to tell you in words. The sun would continue to shine brightly and then you would suddenly find yourself surrounded not by rainfall but instead this gentle mist. It didn’t force you inside but rather sparkled around you, cooling you off but not leaving you drenched. Just another form of clean, fresh, summer come to bring you calm.

Mist Rain at Roan Mountain

We never saw a neighbor with one exception. We were standing there watching a fawn bouncing through the high grass behind the house. I went to grab my camera and when I had returned I was devastated to see that the fawn had become entangled in a fence. In the thirty seconds it took Mr. Wonderful to reach the fawn, a man arrived in a truck and jumped out and another man came running down the road with wire cutters. In less than a minute, they had freed the fawn and gone about their day. It was beautiful!


The fawn was not the only wildlife we saw. We also saw an owl, chipmunks, and countless butterflies and birds. The flowers were in full bloom and cheerfully surrounded the entrance to the cabin. When we took a trip up Roan Mountain we pulled over to this beautiful outlook and found ourselves in awe.


Even this high up, flowers brightened every area. I loved these purple ones which were growing on a rock wall. My mother’s favorite flower, brown-eyed Susan’s, were also everywhere and we saw patches of giant Sunflowers bowing from the yards of several farms we passed on the way there.

Roan Mountain Flowers

I am so completely in love with my husband and this time spent away from the world will be treasured in our memories for years to come. We may take more of those fancy cruises, and we will likely stay in posh hotels, and rent modern houses as time goes on. But this trip, just three days away, spent in Fish Camp, high up in Roan Mountain will always have a special place in my heart. In a word, it was peace. As romantic and lovely as any trip we’ve ever taken. We will be going back again.

If you want to spend time at Fish Cabin you can get information on renting it here.

We found a lot of great places to eat but our personal favorite was Smoky Mountain Bakers. Their wood grilled pizza was as fresh and delicious as any pizza we have found. Be sure to ask that they add some of the basil, fresh from their garden to your order. Also, their Lemon-Blueberry Tea Bread is outstanding. Go ahead and get the big loaf!

We also really enjoyed Highlander BBQ. The staff was so friendly and the food was delicious. We loved the actual wash basins they had in their bathrooms and the license plate pig on their front porch.

In conclusion, you should know that Roan Mountain captured my heart long ago when I first arrived in Tennessee. It is such a beautiful place! T and I visit often to take part in their guided hikes and educational programs. See this post, Climbing Roan Mountain, to check out the view from the Balds and hear all about that adventure. We also love the Rhododendron Festival and the Miller Farmstead and have enjoyed many picnics and bike rides over the years. If you follow my blog you know we visit a lot of state parks. I confess, this is my favorite one.



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