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Roan Mountain Hike From Carver’s Gap

I share a lot of Roan Mountain hikes with you because it’s my favorite local hiking destination and every time I go I fall in love with different details of the landscape. Sometimes I discover a new plant or grass that enchants me. Sometimes I’ll spot a butterfly, a bird, or a bee that charms me. And sometimes there will be a new atmosphere; golden hour, a dense and mystical fog, or a super soft rain that captures rainbows in its mist… You get it. It’s everchanging up there and I don’t want to miss a thing.

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One thing I can count on every single time is that I will stand in awe of the views. Wave after wave of mountains surrounding in every direction. It always puts me in mind of the ocean, each peak a wave. You can’t help but feel like you’re on top of the world. In many ways, you are exactly that.

As I make my final descent I feel compelled to share with you the beauty up there. It’s the most spectacular awakening, being up on that mountain. Experiencing untouched beauty in all its perfection. I adore it.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share a few more pictures from Roan Mountain. You’re welcome, my friend!

Tree on Roan Mountain surrounded by mountains and clouds.

I adore this tree and I have pictures of it taken in every season.

This forest floor is covered in mica and it sparkles as it reflects the light that pours through the trees. Like something out of a fairy tale.

This forest is stunning. After it rains the trunks of the trees look ink black and the forest floor itself is full of mica which makes it sparkle. The sun spills through the canopy in bright little pillows like the one resting on this rock.

A forest full of trees marking the path up to the balds on Roan Mountain.

The ferns that adorn the forest floor look soft and inviting. They grow in abundance up at the balds too.

This is the place where the forest opens up like a door onto the mountain where you are greeted by great waves of golden grass.

The grass on Roan Mountain is the reason for its name, or so legend says. Daniel Boone had a roan colored horse that supposedly led to the naming of the mountain.

This is why I say, you can walk among the clouds. You really can.

Roan Mountain - trail to second bald.

Let me zoom in on a little piece of the trail so you can get a feel for the scale here. The mountains feel as though they go on forever.

Bee on goldenrod up on Roan Mountain.

I’m not the only one wanting to savor the flowers up close and personal.

Check out the color of this grass! I am intent on painting this very image, if I can only match the depth of that hue.

I adore the purple but rest assured, there are other plants that stun in green.


And those that mix it up with some of each.

And those dressed up for Fall!

Some aren’t donning brilliant colors but are offering wishes instead.

I wish I was there right now, taking it in.

Black and White Photos From Roan Mountain

Because fall is just around the corner and I found little hints of its arrival all over the mountain, I decided to do a collection of black of white photos to showcase the feel of fall on the way.

Can you see the impending fall here? The brittle remains of flowers once vibrant. The crisp hulls gripping packets of seed to carry through the winter? The golden grass?

This one too, the last to fall when summer ends. Even when you go up in early winter these still stand, cupping snow, their stems thick and airy but refusing to bow. T calls these skeleton flowers.

While I am on the topic of skeletons, T calls this section of the forest the Skeleton trees. They are all trunks with arms cast out in every direction looking for something to grip. Not a single one adorned with leaf or needle. Naked and exposed and somehow still beautiful and inviting.

What about the branches here. Is it Halloween coming soon that has us seeing skeletons among the trees and boney fingers in the foliage?

Top of Roan Mountain

I’ll be back in this spot when the leaves turn, admiring the view in falls finest colors. And I can not wait. You can count on some more pictures then 🙂 I really can’t help myself!

Tell me about your favorite hiking destination? (The comments section is below.) I need inspiration and more locations for my bucket list. Fall is the very best season for hiking, don’t let it pass you up without experiencing the best it has to offer.

Be blessed,


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