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Romeo and Juliet – Shakespeare Teaching Resources

Online Educational Resources for Teaching Shakespeare From Home

This collection of educational resources for learning Shakespeare from home have been pulled together in an effort to take the pressure off the homeschool parent while offering the student a complete education on the topic. I am including many free resources for your consideration. Some of these I will be using in my own classroom this year.

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William Shakespeare - resources for learning all about Shakespeare and his work.

My Classroom Experience Learning Shakespeare

I confess that although I adore Literature, I did not enjoy learning Shakespeare in high school. We read Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Julius Ceasar, and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. I found myself trying to be late for that class. And long before the end of the year, I was aching for it just to end.

I didn’t find the reading of the plays romantic but rather confusing and time-consuming. I became bored with the thorough dissection of line after line of each play. The consideration of each and every utterance left no room for flow or to really embrace the storytelling. Which in all reality is quite amazing.

In an effort to spare my son some of the dryness I was offered as a student trudging mournfully through Shakespeare, I have gathered a collection of materials for our classroom that I believe will give him a thorough grasp on the literature, history of the author himself, as well as an appreciation for the storytelling, and the methods of playwriting.

You will find the materials I will be using in my classroom as well as other educational resources that may be a better fit for your classroom or students. Enjoy.

Free Online Educational Resources For Learning Shakespeare

Royal Shakespeare Company – FYI – We are using this resource in our classroom. I love that it provides a full and complete step by step lesson plan, video clips, activities, and more.

The Folger Shakespeare Library – You can read the full texts of Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets, and poems for free from the Folger Shakespeare Library! You can also learn more about Shakespeare’s language, life, and the world he knew. There are also many helpful resources available in their Teaching Modules.

The Globe Theater – Shakespeare’s Globe Theater offers countless materials for us to utilize. There are lesson plans, classes, workshops, tons of information on Shakespeare, London, The Theater itself and much, much more. 

PBS Learning Media – Shakespeare Uncovered There is so much good stuff here. Video clips, resources, printables, discussion topics and a whole lot more.

Future Learn – Exploring English: Shakespeare

This course will look at the life and works of William Shakespeare and take you from his birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon to the Globe Theatre in London, from where he secured his central place in English literature. We will look at five of Shakespeare’s plays with the help of actors and experts from around the world. They will explain and explore the universal themes Shakespeare addressed in his work. FYI: This is another resource we will be using in our classroom. (We do pay for unlimited with Future Learn but this class is a free option.)

Paid Online Educational Resources For Learning Shakespeare

HS College Bound – These online sessions provide an in-depth study of Romeo & Juliet as well as the historical, cultural, and literary background needed to bring the play to life. Students emerge with a clear sense of Shakespeare as a writer — his tastes, his interests, his concerns, and the astonishing abilities that distinguish him from other writers.

In this course, students fall in love with Shakespeare’s language, are moved by his poetry, and roar with laughter at his jokes. By the end of the series, they will be able to read Shakespeare’s works on their own and understand what they’re reading.

Brave Writer – Literary Analysis: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

In this course intended for students working at the high school level, Susanne Barrett, MA in English and former university instructor will lead the class in reviewing the pertinent facts about Shakespeare’s life and times, the Elizabethan theater scene, the language of Shakespeare’s poetry and plays, and the background sources of Twelfth Night. Then we will read and discuss the play act by act, pondering plot, characters, motifs and themes, use of language, and symbolism. We’ll close the class with a final writing project on a topic of students’ choice. (Cost at time of writing – $249)

Worth Watching – Movies, Series, and Documentaries for Learning Shakespeare

This is the video we will watch at the beginning of our Shakespeare lessons. It’s short and interesting but covers a lot.

We will be watching the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet because I personally think its the best one. Perks of being a teacher. Depending on your viewing options though, this one may not be free. There is a free version through YouTube Movies that you can check out here.

Finally, we will be watching Shakespeare Uncovered with our Amazon Prime Membership. These are really, really well done and interesting.

I hope this collection helps you out and saves you some time and searching through loads of material. We are looking forward to learning Shakespeare this year and we hope you are too. If you have a resource you wish to share, please let us know in the comments section below.

Parting is such sweet sorrow,


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