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Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things

Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things

Taking The Time To Enjoy The Details

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the To-Do Lists that we fail to notice the beauty that surrounds us. In any given moment there is beauty all around us. Sometimes everyday beauty is found in the eyes of our loved ones. Sometimes we find it in the details of a flower we pass on our way to the next thing. Sometimes we only need to look up to see everyday beauty. Sometimes, we need to look down.

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Here is a collection of my favorite examples of everyday beauty that I have been blessed to be able to capture myself. I hope they inspire you to look around and find the everyday beauty that is waiting for you now. Right where you are.

A Cup of Coffee

The Barista’s artwork in your coffee mug!

I really like a cup of really great coffee but I LOVE a really great cup of beautiful coffee.

Colored Glass

Glass Pieces In An Antique Store Window In Elizabethton, TN

While wandering through the antique stores downtown, I came across this site. I love the cheerfulness in the bright colors and I adore the old town architecture you can see if you like just past them out the window into this beautiful town.

Church Steeple

Church Steeple In Elizabethton

Sometimes, in order to find everyday beauty, you need only look up. For example, this church steeple with the clouds behind and the clear blue sky heading its way is absolutely lovely to me.

Bright Peppers

Bright Peppers

You can find plenty of everyday beauty in the grocery store. Obviously, it is awaiting you in every floral department, but it is also in the produce section and the bakery too. And in abundance. These bright peppers absolutely spilling out of there bin in the grocery store made me smile. T started telling me all the things he would like to make with them and that’s another kind of beauty altogether. The sound of your sons’ voice. The excitement of a young chef inventing recipes in his mind. The idea of warm dinners together with your family around your kitchen table. Yes, beauty is absolutely everywhere. If only we remember to look for it.


Flowers of Every Color

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are the perfect example of everyday beauty. The closer you get to them, the more there is to see. They come in so many shapes and sizes. I get so excited when I see the outdoor center at Lowe’s open every year. Beautiful!

Books and Tea

Old Books and Hot Tea

There is so much everyday beauty in this shot that I could go on and on about it. Obviously, this teacup set is especially beautiful. Even more so to me because it belonged to my Grammy Newcomb, who encompassed the essence of everyday beauty all of her days. The books, well read and very worn belonged to my Gram Cooper who is strength and beauty and a force all by herself. The stories within the pages each contain beauty. The act of reading is to me, a beautiful act. To get lost in another world is one of my favorite ways to have an adventure. So much everyday beauty, Y’all! Do you see it?

Blackbird Bakery

Blackbird Bakery Is Full Of Tiny Yet Delicious Pieces of Edible Art

I think whoever coined the phrase, “You eat with your eyes first,” was on to something. It takes me forever to make a selection every time I visit this bakery. Which is often.

High Grass on Roan Mountain

Grass Is Gorgeous

Sometimes the grass out does the flowers! This picture was taken up on Roan Mountain but you might be surprised by how many pictures of grass I have taken. I love it. Why? You guessed it – because it is the perfect example of everyday beauty that too often gets overlooked.


Bridges Are Beautiful

There are many forms of architecture that I adore but bridges are at the top of the list! I love what they represent. This one I came across in Morganton, North Carolina. When I saw it, I had a moment. Did you? Just now. The shadow play, the colors, the feel of Fall in the air… Beautiful!

Alta Pass

Beauty Is Often Found Just Off The Side Of The Road

What you see here is a shot I took of Alta Pass Orchards. It’s beautiful in itself and so are the mountains surrounding it. The trees drooping from the weight of delicious apples were also beautiful. The little bridge leading to the orchards was charming too. But the most beautiful part of Alta Pass is the memories we made! T, my Mom, and myself. Family always makes for the best examples of everyday beauty.

8 x 10 Printable – “It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things.”

Everyday Beauty Wall Art

Get your printable version of this great reminder here.

Everyday Beauty Printable

Share your favorite examples of everyday beauty in the comments section below. What stopped you in your tracks today? We want to know.

Everyday Beauty in Photos

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25 thoughts on “Seeing The Beauty In Everyday Things

  1. Love Love Love my printable. It’s certainly a beautiful reminder to enjoy each moment to the fullest! Thanks ?

  2. I love this post! Life can get so busy, but so important to stop and take a look around you. Last night I went on a walk in the evening and the last light of the day was absolutely beautiful! I’ll remember to take a picture next time!

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica! I totally agree, we have to slow down and notice. We are constantly surrounded by beauty. It’s a shame to miss it. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope to see you back here again soon!

  3. I agree that we get wrapped up too much sometimes to forget to stop and look around. I took that moment to look around and deeply breathe at a Buddhist temple next to my house. I am not practicing but it is very beautiful to look at when the sun sets.

    1. I am a great fan of sunsets! And sunrises. There is something powerful and stirring about seeing one through. Thanks for visiting Geez, Gwen! Come back soon.

  4. I love Elizabethton because it’s small and a quaint town with good schools and a growing local economy. You have some great captures and I could go with a coffee now.

    1. Well said, Jess! Elizabethton is so charming. I love downtown and we go often. Last night we went to get pizza and stayed to enjoy the antique car show. It’s like traveling through time down there. Love it!

  5. It’s so true that we could all slow down and take in our surroundings. My boys (ages 3 & 5) both have their own camera and it’s so fun to see what they capture because it’s usually mundane to us, but so interesting to them. Just like some of these, like grass, are taken for granted as part of our everyday but it can be so pretty when viewed up close.

    1. Exactly Stephanie! I am always giving my son photo assignments and I love to see what he captures. Completely different from what I generally see. Gotta love boys! So much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Stephanie Cruz says:

    Sometimes we tend to overlook and take for granted the little things around us because were so used of having them around like sunsets and those wildflowers. Thank you for reminding us to make a habit of appreciating the beauty in simple things

  7. I loved reading this joyful post on a Monday morning! Such a fabulous reminder as we go into the week to look for the beauty and joy around us!!

  8. old books and hot tea, count me in 😉 Mindfulness is so important, we simply have to stop, breathe and take in all the beauty that surrounds us! Thank you for the reminder!

  9. These are gorgeous images you’ve captured! Right now I am staring at one of the several framed prints I’ve hung around my house, of a photograph I took at 5:40 AM a little over ten years ago, showing what sunrise looks like from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It stops me in my tracks every time.

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