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Shark Week 2014 Party

Duh Dah – Duh Dah – Duh Dah…

Shark Week is treated like a major holiday in our house. We have been celebrating it ever since T was just two years old. He is fascinated with sharks and his knowledge could rival most Marine Biologists. It began with us inviting just a few friends and family to watch some of the highlights with us. Over the years it has grown into a full-scale event including food, games, friends, family and ever more anticipation. We thought we would share some of the ways we celebrate Discovery’s Shark Week.

Get Inspired By Starting Here with Discovery!


Food is a big part of the fun! I always make Shark cupcakes and I am including this recipe below because the strawberry inside makes for a fun surprise.

A Day at the Beach Cupcake – Courtesy of


You can make them even cuter with these cupcake wrappers from Party City for just $4.99


Cookies are also fun and depending on your level of skill you can go simple or simply amazing.  If you rock your kitchen then you may try these featured on


Or these from sweetdanib.


If you prefer, you can order some cookies like these sweeties from acookiejar sold through


We generally have pizza and hot wings too. You can make the pizza fun with this Shark Pizza Cutter, just $7.00 at Scientific Online.


All of this is going to make you thirsty so grab some glasses, some blue Gatorade and these ice-cube trays…

Shark Fin Ice Trays from Etsy


How adorable can it get?  These are only $3.99 for a tray that makes four.

Or mix up some Arctic Shark Punch and throw in some of these Glaciers from Hostess with the Mostest.


You can dress up the table with a Jawsome Table Cloth from Oriental Trading for just $3.50


Add a few cute napkins like these from Oriental Trading for $2.25.


We usually just go with plain blue plates from the Dollar Store but Party City has some Shark Plates for just $2.30.


Once the atmosphere is set, you could dress the part yourself. Check out this apron from NerdAlertCreations.


Add this tank from littleatoms:


And these shark socks from ($7.80 on Amazon)


Would it be too much to add this manicure inspired by Mommyish? I think not, Shark Week comes but once a year after all…



For the guys what about one of these Shark Week tees from Discovery.


And check out these Vans Shark Shoes on sale for $20.00 🙂


Here is a fun idea to keep your kids busy while you pull it altogether. Shark Jaw Paper Plates. Dollar Store Crafts will show you how.


Or grab some free Shark Work Sheets from like this one…


Learn a Sharkload of Facts by visiting Discovery here.

You can play fun Shark Games such as: What’s Your Alien Shark Personality, Shark Munch, Sharks In Film: Fact or Fiction and many more by visiting Discovery here.

Now, get excited by checking out the program rundown and figure out which ones you want playing while guests and food are there. We decided on Megalodon: The New Evidence to be our highlight but here are a few clips for you to check out.

There are lots more on Discovery’s website including a live Shark Cam well worth checking out. So get inspired, have some fun, learn something new, and share your ideas and pictures with us! We are guaranteed to appreciate your efforts.

Happy Shark Week!

PS- Check out our Pinterest Board for more ideas….

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