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Ten Sweet & Simple Ideas To Show Your Spouse You Care

Once you’re married it can get really easy to fall into the same daily routines. Too easy. But love is a verb. We need to be sure that even after we settle in together we continue to find sweet ways to show our spouse we love them. They can be sweet little things or elaborate ways to celebrate each other. Today I am sharing ten sweet and simple ideas to show your spouse you care.

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Ten sweet and simple ideas to show your spouse you care.

  1. Wash their car. This is a simple way to show you care. You could even go all out and have it detailed for them but even a quick run through the car wash is kind.
  2. Fill their car up. Next time you have their car fill it up with gas and maybe grab their favorite snack while you’re in the convenience store. Leave it on the seat for them to discover the next time they head out. You can also write a sweet note and stick it up under the visor.
  3. Run an errand they usually handle. Whether it be a run to the grocery store, stopping to pay a bill, grabbing take out on their night to cook… Anything you can do to take something off their plate will show them you care.
  4. Bring them breakfast in bed. You don’t need a long stem rose (though it couldn’t hurt) to pull off a really sweet breakfast in bed. Pancakes or cereal, it doesn’t matter. Giving them some extra time to relax is always appreciated.
  5. Leave chocolate on their pillow. This literally takes only a second. Leaving their favorite candy on their pillow so they discover it at the end of a long day is a simple way to say you love them and want them to have their favorite things.
  6. Make them a snack. Cheese and wine. Chips and dip. Fruit and yogurt. Surprising your spouse with a plate of snacks and something to drink is a sweet way to show them you were thinking of them.
  7. Write them a love note. If you are a romantic go all in pouring your heart out and dabbing dots of perfume on the paper. But, even a simple sticky note to let them know they’re hot, inviting them out, asking them to stay in, or simply saying, ‘I love you’ is a simple way to show them how much they are loved, appreciated, and wanted. You can make five at once and hide them in their coat pockets, closet, inside the medicine cabinet, or in whatever nooks and crannies you can think of. They will be discovering them for awhile and every one will make them smile.
  8. Schedule a movie night and suggest watching one of their favorite movies or genres. Letting your spouse know that you care about what they enjoy is a nice way to show that you appreciate who they are.
  9. Massage or foot rub. An impromptu massage or foot rub may only last fifteen minutes but it can go a long way toward showing your spouse that you care about them and want them to feel good.
  10. Schedule your next date and don’t ask them to figure out any of it. Pick their favorite restaurant and a destination based on what they like best. My husband and I take turns planning dates and it has been amazing. He always picks destinations and meals he knows I will love best and I do the same for him. It’s a great way to keep your relationship alive. Never stop dating.

So there you have 10 simple ways to show your spouse you care. I know a lot of these ideas are food related but we all eat and so there are a lot of opportunities. Why not do one of these right now and then check back and share with us what you did and how it made both of you feel? You can share with us in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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Ten Sweet & Simple Ideas To Show Your Spouse You Care!

2 thoughts on “Ten Sweet & Simple Ideas To Show Your Spouse You Care

  1. That tip about writing your partner love notes is awesome. Sometimes we get so taken with the mundane routines of living that we forget to make thinking and caring about each other count among the big things in life.

  2. For making our life happy, everybody needs to do some special thing for life partner. Your ideas is so great and I hope it work. I learn many new things from your article.
    I want to add more one thing perfume can be another good choice.

    Thanks for sharing this article…

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