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Top Five Must-Have Educational Games

Top Five Must-Have Educational Games Every Homeschool Needs

Every Friday in our Homeschool includes Game Day. We have played a lot of educational games and as T has grown he has outgrown some of them. I thought I would share with you the ones that have stuck with us year after year, grade after grade, and week after week. Here is our list of Top Five Must-Have Educational Games that have stood the test of time and still get invited to our Friday Fun Days.

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Number Five: Our Top Pick for Memory Games.

Every homeschooler has a lot to learn and we want them to remember the lessons we teach. So, we make sure to flex our memory muscles by including some time for memory games. When T was in kindergarten and the first grade he loved memory card games.

His favorite were the cards which you had to match. We wore out our Dr. Suess Matching Game. The last several years his favorite has been Simon. You probably played it when you were a kid. I know I did and yes I still play it now. His is a lot fancier than mine was! The goal is to mimic the patterns created by the flashing lights and sounds as the sequences get longer and longer. It’s a blast!

Number Four: Our Top Picks for Spelling and Vocabulary Games

We love Scrabble! T’s grandmother is amazing at Scrabble and he was drawn in young to the competitive world of triple word points and words that contain the valuable Q’s and Z’s. It’s awesome because it teaches him how to spell every word, even really tricky ones. It also has offered him growth by leaps and bounds in his vocabulary. Or should I say hurdles and escalations?

As deep as our commitment is to a great game of Scrabble, we have found an educational game that rivals it for time on Friday Fun Days. It’s called Upwords and while it is almost Scrabble, it offers us cool options to change words and earn points by stacking on existing words. It’s awesome!

Number Three: Our Top Picks For Geography Games

One of our first favorite educational games was The Scrambled States of America! If you do not have this, you should get it right away! It’s super fun and you never even notice how much you are learning while you play.

You will absorb facts about each state as well as its capital and location, and it’s painless. No need to force memorization and blank maps on your students, just play and all that information will fall into place in such a fun way. T and I both highly recommend this one!

As much as we love The Scrambled States, we do have another game that finds its way to the game table at least once a month – Continent Race. This game is a blast! As you travel around the country you learn all about our great states! This one is fun and T never gets bored with it!

Number Two: Top Picks for Engineering and STEM Games


We love K’NEX and we can’t get over it. These may not technically be games but we play with them on Friday’s and completing each experiment feels like hitting the finish line. We started using these sets back in third grade and we still love building with them four years later. There are countless sets up in our homeschool room but if you are just starting with these we recommend the Gears Building Set. That was the one we started with and it got us hooked! As I write this he is currently working on and loving the K-Force Barracuda Rotoshot Blaster Building Set

Number One: Top Pick for Educational Math Game

OK, now I am fully aware that technically we have outgrown this one too but back when we first got this it helped T do his addition fast and built his confidence in his Math ability. But now, we play it just because it’s so much fun and it makes us laugh and it’s a quick way to have a lot of fun!

Clumsy Thief is our Top Pick in educational games. The point of the game is to end up with the most money. You build your money stacks by making piles of amounts that equal one hundred and try not to lose them.

Simple, fun, educational game and we love it! I put this as number one because it has outlasted all of the rest. We highly recommend it!


There you have them. Our top picks! Keep in mind we have an entire bookshelf of educational games in our homeschool so they have to be really awesome to make the cut! If you have a recommendation for a fun educational game you enjoy, please share in the comments section below. We are always looking for something new and fun to play.

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  1. We love playing educational games. My son loves playing the board game Risk for geography and he is a huge Knex fan. We have homeschooled for 17 years and game days are always so much fun. Great post!

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