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Top Ten Reasons To Homeschool

Top Ten Reasons To Homeschool

10 Reasons Why Being A Homeschooler Rocks!

I didn’t begin this homeschooling journey on purpose. I never intended it. It was just one of those unexpected blessings that came out of the love for my son and my desire to see that he had the best chance at a bright future, confidence, and a genuine love for learning. But, that’s a different post. For today, I want to share with you my top ten reasons to homeschool because a lot of people wonder why I homeschool and a lot of people are interested in homeschooling for their families. I didn’t have a lot of guidance going in but after five years of homeschooling, I have learned to love this experience for so many reasons. Here are my top ten.

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Top Ten Reasons For Being A Homeschool Family

Mental Health Matters

My son is happy! When T was in public school he was not happy. He went to school all day. He came home and did homework for about four hours every night. There wasn’t a lot of time left to be a kid. There was little daylight time that he could wander in the woods, play basketball with the kids in the neighborhood, be involved in the community, or explore his personal passions. That has all changed with homeschool.

Character Development Matters

He Has A Chance to Serve His Community! As homeschoolers, the world is literally our classroom. As I write this my son is volunteering at the stables where he is learning to work with the horses and take responsibility for their care. He is also training to work with disabled children and troubled youth at this stable. We will be volunteering next week at Rise Against Hunger to prepare 33,000 meals for the hungry. We visit nursing homes and hospitals. We celebrate World Kindness Day in a big way and we bring gifts to the Nurses on Nurse Appreciation Day. We write letters to the soldiers and send them Christmas cards every year.

You see, the world can look dark these days and I am a firm believer that the way to combat this is to be the light. I don’t want T to ever believe he is a victim of the evil or the sadness in the world. I want him to see himself as a warrior against it. I want him to know that he can make a difference. I want to show him how he already has. Serving the community is essential to character development in my mind and heart. I see him stand taller after he has reached out whether it be with his time, his money, his words, or his actions. I want to raise a young man who knows that he has the power to shine his light on all the beautiful things about this world. The media would have us believe there are few reasons. He will know better. He will see goodness everywhere. He will be standing in the middle of it.

Hands-on Learning Lasts

Homeschool Field Trips Are The Best! As any homeschooler can tell you, we have the best field trips and we have lots of them. No matter what we are learning there is a place out there that can give us a hands-on expert education on the topic. It’s also a huge perk that most museums and attractions have low attendance on school days. We get a lot of one on one attention and every question we can think of gets answered.

We also develop relationships with the people at our favorite places and this has led to so many opportunities to get involved at a deeper level. Furthermore, we can go on a whim. Nothing is stopping us from jumping up in the middle of a Geology lesson and grabbing some fossil treasure we discovered on a hike and heading to the Fossil Museum to see if they can help us identify them. If we are learning about Astronomy we can put the books down and head to the Planetarium. If we are studying Ecology we can jump up and head on over to Fishery etc. You get the picture. We get hands-on experience whenever we want it. We talk to people who are passionate about the topics we are learning and we love it. Every second of it.

Children Should Be Encouraged To Move

Physical Activity Always! As a homeschool parent, I can hardly stand the idea of my child stuck to a chair all day long. It’s not healthy. I want him up and moving. I want him in the woods experiencing all the peaceful benefits of being right in the heart of untouched nature. I want him to be able to run! I want him to be able to climb trees and play in the river. There are times we have to do lessons but we have all day and all night to get through our curriculum. There is no reason to sit still for hours on end and we don’t. We walk almost every day and we hike almost every week during the warm seasons. We get to experience the world from the top of mountains and deep in the valleys of God’s creation. It is a blessing!

Teaching To Your Child’s Interest Leads To Love Of Learning

Student Directed Learning! As a homeschool Mom, it took me a while to realize that I could create a curriculum that was entirely based on T’s interests without missing out on anything the public school kids are learning. T’s great loves are Ecology and Conservation, History, and all the Science’s. We are able to work these subjects into art, reading, creative writing, field trips, spelling, and even Math. By keeping the topics interesting to him we keep school exciting!

T loves school and most days he is ready to start before I am. Kids naturally want to learn and when we allow them to follow their own curiosity they absorb the information like sponges. When we force information on them that feels irrelevant they may memorize for the sake of the score but they aren’t really learning. Learning should be a journey that is done with fascination, not just repetition and memorization. Homeschool parents have an opportunity to accomplish this every day.

No Child Should Be Lost In The Crowd

One on One Attention! When T was in public school he was lost in the crowd. He was often left behind and skipped over in areas that he struggled in. In areas where he was excelling, he was stuck waiting for the rest while his mind wanted more. It could make even topics he was interested in boring in the best case and topics that he was struggling with to become frustrating. He would often tell me that he felt dumb when he didn’t understand something and everyone else was catching on quickly His confidence was plummeting. He was stressed out. My little boy had chewed all his fingernails off and dreaded going to school with all of his being. He was miserable.

As a parent working side by side with your child, you tend to catch the places where there has been a misunderstanding or confusion. You can pause as long as it takes until your child has mastered something and you can dig in as deep as you want when they are soaring through the curriculum. T’s scores academically are astonishing now. He doesn’t worry about being dumb anymore. As a parent, my relief is massive.

Family Matters

He’s A Family Man! Homeschoolers spend a lot of time with their families. Say what you will about socialization, I’ll hit that next. My point here is that being an active part of your family is good for you. Our son is completely present in our family. We are a team in everything from his homeschooling lessons to caring for our home, caring for our animals, preparing meals, taking care of our friends and neighbors, and on and on.

He knows what it means to have the full support of his family. He knows his presence is wanted and appreciated. Now, you don’t have to be a homeschooler to manage a great family life but it sure does make it easier. I have done it both ways and the truth is that T missed a lot while he was at school all day long and doing homework all night long. Because he is at home he experiences a lot more of what it takes to keep a family close and running smoothly. I am confident that when he has grown and has his own family these experiences will be invaluable.

Relationships Matter

He Is A Social Superstar! You probably wouldn’t expect to find this on my top ten reasons to homeschool but here it is! You hear a lot about homeschoolers missing out on socialization. Fear not! T is completely comfortable in his relationships with people of every age. He has very close friends that are in their seventies and very close friends that are eight years old and everywhere in between.

Homeschoolers aren’t locking our kids in our house and shooing away the world. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They are taking their kids out there into the heart of it. Just like adults, our kids interact personally with people of every age and personality type. T is just as comfortable speaking with professors as he is with the kids on his soccer team.

Also, don’t believe that homeschooled children aren’t involved with other kids. T plays soccer, swims on a team, volunteers at the stable is part of the Teen Advisory Board at the library, and participates in countless community service opportunities. He is well-spoken, intelligent, funny, confident, polite, eager to assist, and friendly. What more could you ask for?

Every Child Deserves Our Best Efforts At Protection

He Is Sheltered! Yay for this! I’ve always had a hard time with this one. Why would we not shelter our children? Homeschooled or not, our children need and deserve some level of sheltering. They are children. They are developing at the rate they are supposed to and it is our job to lead, guide, and direct them while they grow and mature. Protecting our children is a huge part of parenting our children.

That said, T is in no way overly protected or shielded from reality. We do our best to keep him safe. We teach him how to handle awkward social situations. We warn him of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. He is fully up to speed on current events. All of those things and so much more are covered in full. But he also climbs trees, he chooses his own friends, he is trusted with a lot of responsibility, he is respected by us and we do trust him.

Even trusting him the way we do, we still don’t expect him to be ready to make adult choices. We talk a lot about decision-making. About wisdom. About learning from our mistakes. We are preparing him for sure. But he is not being excluded or prevented from experiencing all that life is.

As a homeschool Mom, I feel especially blessed to know what circumstances he is facing and to have an opportunity to have honest discussions with him about whatever is going on. T is open with us. Not because we force him to but because he is comfortable talking to us about anything. I am glad that he is sheltered from many things naturally just because he is a homeschooled kid. He hasn’t had to deal much with bullying or peer pressure since he left public school. He hasn’t been offered drugs or alcohol by his peers. He hasn’t felt a lot of the pressure I did in public school and I am grateful beyond words for that.

With the right guidance, I am confident that he will make the right decisions, his own decisions, as a young man. When he is mature enough to make them wisely. I know he will make mistakes and bad choices from time to time. We all do. But it is my hope and my goal to have him as ready as possible.

Number One of My Top Ten Reasons To Homeschool!

Faith Is Essential To A Solid Foundation

God is at School! My number one reason for loving homeschool is knowing that T starts every day with Bible Study. T knows and loves God and he knows he is loved by Him. He is a boy who prays. He knows God’s word. He has a solid relationship with God. I can think of nothing more important to teach your children than that they are Children of God. They have a purpose, a mission, and support. Our family loves one another. We love the people of the world. We help where we can help. We believe in being kind and honest. We appreciate the world our Creator has provided us with and we strive to do our part to protect it. So while we have other classes that don’t make it into the public schools like character development and life skills, this one trumps them all. He has faith!

So there you have it. There are the top ten reasons to homeschool. We could easily make this a list of the top one hundred reasons to homeschool. Homeschooling is not for everybody. I understand that. For many years homeschooling wasn’t an option for me because I had to work forty hours a week. I understand that too. But for those of us who can and want to, what an amazing opportunity we have. Homeschooling is a blessing to us. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. T wouldn’t either.

Share with us what you think is the best reason for homeschooling? The comments section is just below and we love to hear from you! The homeschooling community is a huge family. You are welcome here! We are so happy you found us.

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  1. As a retired public school special education teacher, I AGREE! Do not listen to people who preach the “socialization” issue. School is a place that can be socially traumatizing and damaging. My opinion is that homeschooled children are usually more healthy socially and emotionally. Children who do well in public school have amazing parents who help them put in perspective the bad manners and poor behaviors of emotionally unhealthy children they come in contact with.

    1. Sally, thank you so much for sharing your perspective on this issue! Your points are extremely valid and need to be part of this discussion! We appreciate you so much for taking the time to comment and share your experience. Have a blessed day!

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