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Visit AltaPass Apple Orchard in Spruce Pine

Visit The Apple Orchard at Altapass

Enjoy Family Fun and Fresh Apples at Altapass Orchard

A few weeks ago I shared a post about our top picks for Apple Orchards that let you pick straight from the tree. Last Friday we decided to go check one of them out in person. We chose for our first pick, Altapass Orchard. Being huge fans of drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway we found this orchard appealing. They also have a huge selection of apples.

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Fall Quote Bridge at Altapass Apple Orchard

The drive took us just an hour and twenty minutes from home. And what a drive it was! Long curvy tree-lined roads led us there and along the way, quaint, little towns popped up and wide mountain views appeared, so beautiful that they stole your breath and left you in awe of the beauty in this world.

When we arrived at The Orchard at Altapass, we went into their charming little store and browsed around enjoying the old time feel of it. A checkerboard sat waiting on the next takers. Long shelves full of all kinds of wonderful goodies tempted us. We ended up buying a Peach Grilling Sauce and some Mango Lime Salsa.

Old School Baking Mixes at the Apple Orchard

Just past the goods, we found a counter that offered freshly made fudge in several flavors. We all sampled a few before deciding on which flavors we wanted to take home. It was hard decision making, Y’all.

Each flavor was delectable but the Amaretto Cherry was my favorite. Well, maybe the Chocolate Walnut was my favorite. No, probably the Peanut Butter. No, wait… Anyway, The Orchard at Altapass also offers ice cream and fresh apple pie. Yum!

We also found a working hive right there in the store. You are actually able to watch the bees working. They enter and exit the hive through a small tube that leads outside. This was really interesting and we all stood there mesmerized for awhile. These are hardworking bees! It’s hard to look away.

Beehive at The Orchard at Alta Pass

Eventually, we left the bees to it and headed back to the counter to purchase empty bags. We were given a map which sent us to loop two. The walk was beautiful among the apple trees. T loved searching out the finest apples and he took his time until our bag was full to bursting.

We learned that patience is a virtue. If you visit take time to walk through the loop before filling your bag. The trees towards the end offered the most apples.

Picking Apples Altapass Apple Orchard

We also learned, bug spray is a good idea when you are strolling through an apple orchard. Most importantly, we learned that apples straight from the tree taste so much better than those we find in the grocery store.

They are crisp, fresh, and bursting with flavor. We liked the Stayman Winesap best.

Fall Quotes

After we had enjoyed the apple orchard we headed back down towards Newland and stopped for dinner at a place called The Mason Jar Café. The homecooked food was amazing. The chicken pot pie, spectacular. The people were friendly and fun and we decided we will need to go back one day soon.

So, we went to the Orchard at AltaPass and we picked apples straight from the tree. We laughed together. We laughed at each other as we reached extra high for the perfect fruit or T jumped higher and higher, unwilling to pass by the most perfectly round and red apples, no matter the distance between him and them.

We enjoyed sweet, creamy, fudge. We brought home a bag of apple-scented treasure and transformed it into a batch of apple cookies that had our house smelling like Heaven. It was a beautiful day. It was time well spent. It was memory making at its finest.

Altapass Apple Orchard

It’s the little things. The times we spend together, enjoying life and the people who bless us, that make life so amazing! We encourage you to gather your family and friends and visit AltaPass. If you leave early enough you can also visit Linville Falls. It’s right there on the way.

Visit their website here.

Visit them at The Orchard at AltaPass from 10 am to 5 pm daily at 1025 Orchard Rd. Spruce Pine, NC 28777

If you have visited AltaPass or another Orchard please tell us all about it in the comments section below. Also, we welcome you to sign up for our free newsletter for more family-friendly posts.

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